“The Skin” Pays Homage to Retro Horror


[tie_slide] decaymag.com Justin Timms "The Skin" [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] decaymag.com Justin Timms "The Skin" [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] decaymag.com Justin Timms "The Skin" [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] decaymag.com Justin Timms The Skin

[tie_slide] decaymag.com Justin Timms The Skin [/tie_slide]


“The Skin” is directorial debut for up and coming horror director, father, husband and fellow New York City native, Justin Timms.  Having garnered years of experience in the editing field, Justin Timms earned his most notable achievement with editing work to the award-winning documentary; “Generation Iron”. The writer/director/editor steered his career toward an alternate route, a direction guided by the love of horror films. Written collaboratively by Justin Timms and Patrick Solomon, they sought out to create:

A short road trip horror film that plays on a lot of classic horror tropes but our goal was to follow those tropes and then craft a memorable and creative ending that leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

Through concept, production and development their horror film, “The Skin” was accomplished and is currently making the rounds on the horror film festival circuit. “The Skin” is the official selection to the following prominently established film festivals; Knoxville Horror Fest, Spooky Empire Horror Film Fest, Florida Horror Film Festival, Northern Frights Film Festival and Cine Beacon.

The synopsis to the horror film, “The Skin” reads as follows:

After the peculiar death of her father, Lena Hardesty discovers that her sister, Sarah, has acquired the same strange symptoms. With the help of a rustic local , Lena sets a plan in motion to save her sister and herself from the same fate.

“The Skin” stars Martin PfefferkornClaudine Quadrat, and Elizabeth Paige. Additional information on “The Skin” can be obtained via their official Facebook page

Decaymag.com proudly presents exclusive received information to the upcoming horror film, “The Skin”. Check out the The teaser trailer (below) and official stills from the film (above). Stay tuned to Decaymag.com as we’ll be featuring addition coverage to horror indie, “The Skin” in the days to come. 


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