The Slayers, John Williams’ Indie Horror Comedy

The Slayers

Release Date: TBD 2016 (UK)

Directed by: John Williams

Written by: John Williams

Cast: Darren McAreeMatthew SandlandGeorge NewtonSophie ElsbyDan Smith


Two cult members, Nigel and Job, decide to go on a road trip during their last two weeks on earth. Bucketlist in hand, motorhome fired up, the two head for the mountains of Scotland for a final fortnight filled with girls, skydiving, camping, alcohol and strange men claiming to be vampire slayers… Is this God’s plan for Nigel and Job?

The Slayers Film Overview

It all began with a tweet from Dead Town Official, a follower to on Twitter. We’re always excited to get a heads up on upcoming Horror films, games, or crowdfunding campaigns. In this case, shared with us was a trailer to John Williams’ upcoming horror, comedy “The Slayers”. Instead of simply re-tweeting the information we decided to write an article on this very interesting indie feature film.

With a bit of research we discovered that John Williams had launched a crowdfunding campaign for the film “The Slayers”. Unfortunately, the goal of $29,787 (conversion from £20,000) wasn’t met. Funding would’ve went towards production costs as well as props and video post-production and distribution costs. However, it seems as though production had continued despite the set back from its public funding sources.

“The Slayers” is described as having:

  “…a mix of both, combining grand settings, misty graveyards, interesting and bizarre characters, gruesome killings and dark humor, all the ingredients for a great horror comedy.”

and is marketed as a film that will:

..turn the modern vampire culture on it’s head.

According to the IMDB page for “The Slayers” will star; Darren McAree, Matthew Sandland, Sophie Elsby, George Newton.

Stay Tuned to for more information on John Williams’ upcoming horror, comedy “The Slayers”.



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