Thomas Torrey’s Thriller Reviewed

Thomas Torrey’s Delves in to Human Emotion with Film Debut

Director: Thomas Torrey Thomas Torrey's The Fare

Writer:  Thomas Torrey

Release Date:  26 April 2016 (USA)

Release Format: N/A

MPAA Rating: N/A

Horror Sub-Genre: Drama, Thriller


A cab driver and an unexpected passenger descend into a night of darkness.

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The protagonist, Eric is a man plagued with personal strife. Yet, fate will present Eric with an opportunity to confront his source of turmoil. The chain of events that occur during one fateful evening centers on underlying message.  Of course to reveal said message would corrupt potential viewership to “Fare”.

The commentary is not buried beneath the creative visual process. Instead, the topic of the film serves as the foundation to the film. “Fare” serves as an admonition.  Each character presented in the film is woven within a tale of emotional hardship.


Thomas Torrey penned and directs “Fare”.  In visuals presented is the result of superb execution of cinematography is . Filming with in the setting of a vehicle offers problematic scenarios. Yet, the production is of high value and noteworthy of acclaim.

Projected within the film is a message conveyed with a creative expression. The avenue used to present the commentary is rare in Drama, Thrillers. Instead of a compounds of charade emotions, presented are realistic sentiments and triggered reactions.

Thomas Torrey shines in his portrayal of the protagonist, Eric. Torrey displays emotional content with authenticity.  Although, there are moments that question the masculine integrity of the character.  Yet, this presentation strengthens the emotional injury of the character.


The Dialogue (not the delivery thereof) is at it’s weakest point when set on repetitive circulation. Topics discussed on one part of the film return in sequence thereafter. Conversations lack strength and this is by far the weakest link to the film. This in turn sabotages strength exhibited by the cast of characters.

The concept presented in “Fare” is fair. Yet, the construct is flawed with an abandon of reality. Ridiculousness camouflage good storytelling throughout the film. For instance; the character, Patrick finds himself pitted in a life threatening situation. The circumstance is a conundrum he could have escaped with ease. If common sense prevailed the film will end before the drama began.

There are many “What if?” moments that sever credibility to certain scenes. Keen viewers will have no problem questioning character’s actions within each tension filled scenario. Questions linger after the ending credits roll on screen. It’s unfortunate, audience are to wonder about outcomes and questions left unanswered.

In closing:

Thomas Torrey’s “Fare” offers a well established topic of conversation. The production is remarkable in execution. Yet, the dialogue is repetitive and lacks entertaining results. Questionable submissiveness exhibited by certain characters taints the story presented. The oversight in adequate realism subtracts effective delivery  as a Thriller.

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