Thoughtform, Blends Real to Surreal

Thoughtform, is an upcoming indie supernatural horror film. The project hails from Los Angeles, California based multimedia company, ElfTree Media. The creative team of professionals intend on creating a film based on an alleged true story.

According to the press release we received “Thoughtform” centers on an unsolved murder mystery. Allegedly, the incident took place on 1994 in Celina, Texas. The alleged account and basis of the film reads as follows:

On February 27, 1994, Olivia Mabel’s body was found in her secluded Texas ranch house sitting upright in a rocking chair in front of a mysterious altar dedicated to her deceased son. This is the unsolved story out of Celina, Texas.

Eerie and interesting are words that best describe the Olivia Mabel case. The evidence presented is convincing. Everything presented within the website appears authentic in nature. Curiosity had to be pacified. Upon further investigation it’s discovered the Olivia Mabel website is registered under the name of “Thoughtform” producer, Ian McNeny. That in itself can reveal the creative direction aimed for the film “Thoughtform”.

Thoughtform” offers a clever form of promotional strategy rarely seen in Horror cinema. The marketing tactic is reminiscent to a particular genre defining found footage concept. Creativity reinforced with a sense of realism catapulted this particular film to stardom. Horror enthusiasts should remember the name of the film referenced here.

Is “Thoughtform” based on fact or fiction? That question is up to the viewer to decide.  The purported Olivia Mabel story is compelling and engaging. A supernatural film of this caliber will grab the attention of the Horror community. Presently,ElfTree Media is looking for public support to get “Thoughtform” up and running. A crowdfunding campaign is set up on Kickstarter.   Here’s yet another opportunity to assist aspiring filmmakers foster growth within the Horror genre. The crowdfunding campaign launched on January 18th 2016 and runs until February 17th, 2016.



  1. Obviously not a true story, no obits anywhere for the mom and kid, Googling the people alledgedly involved turns up nothing, and when you look up this “case” in a search engine, the same several sites come up. Kind of sloppy if you ask me. They should have just marketed this as the work of fiction it is.


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