To Catch a Serial Killer, Directed by Sophano Van

To Catch a Serial Killer

Release Date: June 2, 2014

Release Format: Streaming, YouTube

MPAA Rating: TBD

Directed by:   Sophano Van

Cast: Beatriz Ann Morris, Anthony Kiyoshi LePage, Michael A. Isaacs, Denise Woelpern, and Chase McGuire

Horror Sub-genre: Horror, Thriller


“Good friends, sunny Southern California weather, and the love of a man who would do anything for her; Megan was living the life she had always dreamed of. Her dream would soon turn into a nightmare when she walks down the wrong alley and finds herself face to face with a merciless serial killer.”


“To Catch a Serial Killer” is a short horror-thriller about a young, happy couple, whose life is going great, and who could have everything they could possibly want. However, their happy lives are short-lived when Megan comes face-to-face with a ruthless masked serial killer while walking through a dark alley and is brutally murdered. Her fiancée, Noel, goes on a search to find her mysterious killer and bring him to justice.


Story/Plot – This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a plot like this, however, the plot and the story plays out really well, and it sets apart from the rest.

Direction/Execution – Director Sophano Van does really well at the direction and execution of “To Catch a Serial Killer”.


Acting – The acting in “To Catch a Serial Killer” could have been better, especially that of Noel, the serial killer, and the dirty bum. They could have portrayed their characters better.

Closing Thoughts:

In just under ten minutes, “To Catch a Serial Killer” starts off a little on the slow side, but quickly gets straight to the point and delivers great results. Director, Sophano Van, grasps your attention and locks it in. There is not a moment of dullness, lingering, or wandering. However, I am not a fan of how the film ended. I feel like there was more to the story, but time ran out, and the camera just stopped rolling.

Rating Criteria

0-10 Avoid
11-20- Mediocre
21-30 -Good
31-40 – Average
41-50- Decent
51-60 – Stunning
71-80 – Must See
81-90 – Amazing
91-100 – Impressive


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