Tony Brownrigg’s Don’t Look In the Basement 2 Lacks Horror

Tony Brownrigg’s “Don’t Look In the Basement 2″ Film Details 

Director: Tony Tony Brownrigg's Don't Look in the Basement 2

Writer: Tony Brownrigg, Megan Emerick

Release Date: May 25, 2016

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller


In 1972, the patients and doctors at Stephens Sanitarium were brutally murdered. Over forty years later, the only known survivor returns only to find the ghosts of the past have not been resting in peace.

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S.F. Brownrigg’s (1973) “Don’t Look In the Basement” finally gets a sequel. The synopsis:

“Nurse Charlotte Beale arrives at the isolated Stephens Sanitarium to work, only to learn that Dr. Stephens was murdered by one of the patients and his successor, Dr. Geraldine Masters, is not very eager to take on new staff. Charlotte finds her job maddeningly hard as the patients torment and harass her at every turn, and she soon learns why Dr. Masters is so eager to keep outsiders out.” Tony Brownrigg's Don't Look in the Basement 2Four decades later, it seems as though the spirits of the patients and doctors of Stephens Sanitarium have not been laid to rest. In peace, that is. Nurse Charlotte and Dr. Stephens returns in Tony Brownrigg’s latest installment under the identities of Emily (Camilla Carr), who now runs the mental institution, and Dr. Lance White (Frank Mosley), who is one of the doctors at the mental institution. Stephens Sanitarium is the same building, however, it’s been renovated and the name has been changed.

History starts to repeat itself when one of the original patients (who is the only known survivor of the atrocities that took place in 1972) of the original Stephens Sanitarium is once again admitted to the mental institution. Sam (Willie Minor) seems to be the host to everything going wrong. It is then, when Dr. Matthews (Andrew Sensenig) demands to know the truth. Emily is forced to reveal the skeletons in the closet when things go beyond her control. Dr. Stephens and Sam has the weirdest relationship bond, or Dr. Stephens has this weird obsession with Sam (his patient) that I will never understand because that aspect of the film is not elaborated on enough. Yet, it needed to be elaborated on for the fact that the heart of the film seems to focus on Sam and his relationship bond with Dr. Stephens.

“Don’t Look In the Basement” is an old ghost story. Or is it? There were parts in the film that lost my focus. Some Tony Brownrigg's Don't Look in the Basement 2parts of the film can get a bit distorted and confusing. The first 30-40 minutes of the film is very slow and tedious, with random, questionable flashbacks popping up in between; flashbacks of the fateful events that took place in 1972, I believe. On the other hand, I could be wrong about that, because the flashbacks were so random, distorted and confusing. You don’t see very much in the flashbacks; at least, not enough to answer any questions or satisfy confusion.

Plus, the flashbacks seem so out of place, in a sense. You also have these random cases where the patients and doctors of the “new” mental institution become possessed in a very odd way. They would commit acts that they would never commit otherwise. They have random hallucinations that are confusing in itself. The final 20 or so minutes of “Don’t Look In the Basement” is the main event. By this point, I’m so confused at what was going on that I had completely lost focus, but I hang in there for the remainder of the film. And, by the way…I never did see what was in the basement. Or, I don’t understand the mystery of what was in the basement.


“Don’t Look In the Basement” is very odd, distorted and confusing to say the least. There are so many questions that are left unanswered. Or, maybe they were answered and I just didn’t realize it. The plot and storyline of the film have potential, but director Tony Brownrigg didn’t develop it accordingly. A lot of the film is so distorted and confusing that it just seemed out of place. A lot of the events and flashbacks are distorted. The film’s purpose is distorted. The cinematography, practical effects, and special effects have an authentic feel to it, and serves as an aid to the film in a sense, but it doesn’t really take away from the distortion of the film itself.

Closing Sentence

By the way…I never did understand the mystery of what was in the basement. “Don’t Look In the Basement 2” is very odd, distorted and confusing to say the least. This is one of those “What did I just watch” films. It doesn’t satisfy the curiosity enough.

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