Tonya Kay To Star in Horror Short Film

Tonya Kay, Michigan native and veteran actress is notable for her roles in Horror and Sci-Fi. Kay’s experience includes Emmett Callinan’s ” Dark Space” and Josh C. Waller’s “Raze”. Tonya Kay is set to star in the upcoming Horror short film “Inked: A Prologue”.  The film is a joint production between iNK Films and We Are Indie Horror. Kay will  portray Kat Archangel. The character is described as: 

“…Tattoo Artist who is the main protagonist with many deep and ancient secrets.”

Neil King serves as director and producer to the film: “Inked: A Prologue”. King also co- wrote the script with J.D. Crouch and Brian Sapir. King  issued the following statement on casting Tonya Kay as the female protagonist. 

“I am so excited to have Tonya Kay on board. Since I saw her in Horror Haiku I have always thought she was incredibly talented. Her role in Bastard was amazing and well deserved of the Best Villain of 2015. She will bring the Tattoo Artist to life with such depth that will help lead us into the feature film starring her as the same character. I cannot wait to work with her and see artist live on screen through Tonya’s awesome work”

About “Inked: A Prologue”

The synopsis to “Inked: A Prologue” reads as follows:

“…the story of James, a devout person of faith, who recently caught his fiance cheating on him. When reminiscing the situation while walking the streets, James comes across a tattoo parlor. Questioning his faith and having a deep discussion with the artist, he impulsively decides to get a tattoo. After the ink, he falls down a path of temptation which causes horrific consequences beyond anybody’s expectations.”

According to the press release issued to A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway for “Inked: A Prologue”. iNK Films and We Are Indie Horror are looking to raise ten thousand dollars. The funds will go towards various production cost.  Twenty days remain in the crowdfunding campaign. A total of two thousand dollars is amassed so far.

The Cast to “Inked: A Prologue” includes:

Maxwell Chase

Robert R. Shafer

Ashley Mary Nunes

Kelsie Hendwillrix

Kelsey Chugearlstedt

Inked budgetWith the successful crowdfunding campaign in place a production forecast is set for May 2016. The goal is to establish the short film  “Inked: A Prologue” within the horror community. A fulfillment of this magnitude will result in a feature film adaptation.

Stay tuned to for further developments on this upcoming horror short film directed by Neil King.


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