Trailer: “Beast Within ” aka “Uncaged”

Director: Daniel Robbins

Writer: Mark RapaportDaniel Robbins

Release Date: 2 February 2016 (USA)

Release Format: VOD and DVD/Blu-Ray

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Horror Sub-Genre:  Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Synopsis: Creature Feature

A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.

Alternately titled:



“Beast Within” is also titled “Uncaged”. The videos posted above are similar with exception to the film title. Here we find a tension filled trailer. The sequences serves its purpose in driving interest to the viewer. Let’s take a closer look at what the trailer has to offer.  There seems to be an underlying found footage element involved. Will”Beast Within” aka “Uncaged” take a page out of the found footage play book? It will be as atrocious as the sub genre itself it it does. The protagonist strap a GoPro device on himself to document some action. This happens at the 1:24 timeline into the video. Also, the synopsis also hints that the film is a found footage concept.

The trailer lacks discretion and gives away the key element of the film, the creature. The werewolf creature concept shown is comical in approach and design. If the production team expects frights with this Halloween mask, they’re mistaken.  The design lacks the scare factor by employing a human/wolf hybrid. In one way, its nice to see a non-CGI creature presented. Yet, the concept could have had more emphasis as a horrid creature. Uncaged Trailer Analysis

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Trailer: Bad Blood

Director: Tim Reis

Writer: Tim Reis

Release Date: 

Release Format: VOD, DVD-Blu-Ray

MPAA Rating: N/A

Horror Sub-Genre: Creature Feature


After a horrific amphibian attack leaves college student Victoria Miller (Mary Malloy) infected with a mutational disease, she returns home where the antidote to her affliction is mistaken for drugs by her evil stepfather. Locked in her room without her medicine, she transforms into a hideous monster to give everyone a taste of their own, while an obsessive private investigator uncovers the dark truth about her condition.


Nevermind the less than stellar acting. Presented are gory scenes that captures attention. A focus this aspect to Tim Reis’ film is the driving force behind the trailer.  The clip runs in under two minutes and offers the viewer something to look forward to. The premise of the film “Bad Blood” resides in gore and interesting creature effects. This alone merits viewership. Let’s just hope the plot is as solid as the practical effects itself.

From the trailer its noted that the acting is not up to standard. Perhaps this isn’t the case. Maybe the scenes chosen to display the characters were not the best. In any event, this is a film to look out for. The practical effects is worth the view.  "Bad Blood" Trailer Analysis



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