Trailer Greg McLean’s “The Darkness” Summerized

Trailer “The Darkness”

Director: Greg McLean

Writer: Shayne ArmstrongShane KrauseGreg McLean

Release Date: 13 May 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller 


A family returns from a Grand Canyon vacation with a supernatural presence in tow.

Trailer Summary:

The film opens with an older teen. He’s part of a group of his peers. The older teen describes a tale of Native American mythology to a frightened young man. The tale transitions to a voice-over while we see the young man venturing through a cave. Inside the young man picks up a rock of some sort, which leads the viewer to believe this to be a religious artifact. The young man’s family is introduce within the scenes that follow.

From there the viewer is witness to the transitions of strange happening within the home. These supernatural occurrences frighten this skeptical Caucasian family.  The center of the activity stems from the young man’s ill decision on recovering the sacred stone.


“The Darkness is another low-budget Horror, Thriller from Blumhouse productions. The trailer advertises three high grossing films to tout the company’s success. This is a nice marketing tactic. What about the end result? How satisfied were film critics and movie goers with previous Blumhouse releases? Negative feedback from the masses doesn’t make a difference. The box office numbers are the defining factor. Most blogs and news outlets will tout “The Darkness” as a film that will garner scares. Below is an example of this positive hint of advertising.

The Darkness incorporates Native American mythology, a creepy kid and some mysterious black handprints in the trailer for the company’s latest bid to spook you senseless. And if that doesn’t sound too appealing, The Darkness comes from Greg McLean, the director of beloved Aussie horror flick Wolf Creek.

The trailer to “The Darkness” presents a clichéd filled Horror film, lacking anything of interest and creativity. Today’s audiences want frights with each Horror, Thriller release. Yet, these cookie cutter iterations leave audiences dissatisfied. Most of these films generated by Blumhouse Productions are low budget doldrums.  Do yourself a favor and think before purchasing tickets for “The Darkness”. Is it worth the disappointment?

Here’s a final word from Sports announcer Jimmy Smith of Bellator MMA. His thoughts centers on a resent bomb of a fight event. Yet, his comment fits perfects with the point issued in this article.

“…They don’t care what you say on the blog, they don’t care what you tweet — they care what you watch…”

“..It’s like a buffet, we lay out all this stuff, and what you eat the most of, that’s what’s for dinner…”

“..When that’s what you watch that’s what you’re going to get, and then you turn around and complain that that’s what you get, well, come on…” The Darkness


  1. Blah,blah,blah! I am a person of Native American ancestry and I take great pride in it! However , I personally CANNOT wait for this movie to hit theaters! Are you a person of Native American ancestry or just an ‘other’ showing how sensitive you are FOR us ?

    • Dracula: [His face falls as his smile drops to a frown] I don’t say Blah… Blah Blah. On serious note; Thank you for reading our article. The voice offered touches on the stereotypical plot found in Horror. The summary is not centered on advocacy or social issues. This literary construct is authored by someone not just an “other”.


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