10 Terrifying Trailers August 1-5th 2016

10 Trailers, compilation listed in alphabetical order.

Every Tuesday we presented a round-up of trending trailers. The cornucopia of creepy segments released the week prior. Compiling the list are those terrifying tidbits of Horror, Thriller, and Sci-Fi. The list covers a wide variety of sub-genres both Major and Independent releases. Offered are terror inducing, laugh triggering and ridiculous mind-numbing concepts.

116 Plots

DecayMag.com Director: Leigh Sheehan Writer: Tim C. Patterson 6 Plots

10 Must see Trailers August 1-5th 2016

Director: Leigh Sheehan 
Writer: Tim C. Patterson
Release Date: October 4th, 2016
Format: VOD:
Genre: Thriller
Running time: 1h 27min

Everyone’s primal fears of death and how horribly it can play out in your own mind.


Alice Darling
Ryan Corr
Penelope Mitchell
Joey Coley-Sowry



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