666 P.M. Trailer Showcases Ghost Hunting Parody


666 P.M. Plays Satire on Supernatural Investigating Sciences

666 P.M. Film Details DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm

Director:  Jim Klock

Writer: Tommy McLaughlinChad Ridgely

Release Date:

November 3rd, 2017

Film Festival Debut

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: TBA

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: TBA


A reality TV crew’s staged investigation into the paranormal becomes terrifyingly real when the house they’re exploring turns out to be haunted by the ghost of a serial killer.


DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm


Paranormal investigating has grown in popularity in recent years. This study into the unknown can attribute much of its fame on reality-based television shows. Yet, it’s this spotlight that sources the recent outpouring of parodies. Paranormal investigating has passed into the aim of a satirical subject and it doesn’t take an EVP to convey that conclusion. In recent months several indie Horror films have shed a humorous light on an otherwise serious topic. Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films worked together on bringing the newest release to this contemporary movement in Horror cinema.

The Comedy, Horror, 666 P.M.  finds a slate of fraudulent ghost hunters getting themselves into a supernatural predicament they weren’t expecting. Indican Pictures solidified distribution acquisition for video on demand publishing. A formal release date will become available soon. This November 666 P.M.  will receive its World Premiere and will screen at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival thereafter. 666 P.M.  will continue in the circuit run into the 2018 calendar year.

DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm

First Impressions

The trailer bursts in with a dramatic sketch but concludes on comedic value. A locale with residual evils coupling with that of a dead serial killer becomes of interest to a group of investigators. The production deviates from the nonsensical imbecility standard in most comedies today. Sarcasm merges with one-liners with traces of raunchiness. The acting drops in line with specific B-movie approach, therefore, the jokes fell flat sometimes. This assessment centers on the scenes provided within the clip. A viewing of the film may offer different results. The cinematic composition appears sophisticated and executed with a professional approach.

666 P.M.  piques interest. How will the film represent a paradoxical function in the sphere of paranormal investigation? While the acting appears to be a hindrance, the narrative carries a unique approach that complements humor and supernatural Horror.

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