Aliens: Zone of Silence Explores Mystery of Alien Abductions

Aliens: Zone of Silence Film Details Fidel Arizmendi, Andy Fowler Aliens Zone of Silence

Director: Andy Fowler 

Writer: Fidel ArizmendiAndy Fowler

Release Date: October 24th, 2017

Release Format: Video On Demand DVD

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre:  HorrorMysterySci-Fi

Running Time: 1h 19min


After her brother mysteriously vanishes from the Mexican desert, a young woman sets out to uncover the otherworldly truth about his disappearance.

1. Overview: Fidel Arizmendi, Andy Fowler Aliens Zone of Silence
Alex (Jed Maheu) and Hal (Peter Gesswein)

Veteran Visual Effects producer Andy Fowler executes his inaugural feature directorial debut with Aliens: Zone of Silence. Slated for release later this month the science fiction inspired film borrows from a realm of the unexplained, Aliens. The subject has no relationship to the vile creatures stalking Sigourney Weaver. Fowler and Fidel Arizmendi co-composed a tale interwoven with actual record and imagination.

To sum, Aliens: Zone of Silence. tells the tale of Morgan, a young woman in pursuit of answers surrounding the inexplicable disappearance of her brother. A determined investigation leads Morgan to a deserted no-man’s-land dubbed La Zona del Silencio (The Zone of Silence). The events that follow take encouragement from the unexplained.

Close encounters, UFOs, alien abductions, these are contentious subjects that gained popularity in recent years. New footage/evidence of UFO’s are recorded daily using mobile devices. Over the past year, a good deal of indie filmmakers capitalized on the extraterrestrial theme and related mysteries. Back in December 2016, we examined a film titled Skyman, a narrative about an alien abductee. In April 2017 we reviewed Sky Quakes, a film centered on unexplained trumpets heard around the world.

Extraterrestrial visitation makes for great entertainment value due to its controversial overtones. Do the hundreds of UFO records express a hidden agenda? Is planet Earth being frequented by advanced beings?

Fowler uses a found footage technique to express his visual narration. Below is our first impression on the Alien Zone of Silence trailer. Fidel Arizmendi, Andy Fowler Aliens Zone of Silence

2. First Impressions Fidel Arizmendi, Andy Fowler Aliens Zone of Silence

From the outset, the viewer is greeted with a shaky camera effect. This is a typical approach to Found Footage films. I’m not a fan of this technique. Although if used well it does mimic perception of realism. Hinted in the trailer are small elements of the narrative. One point to mention is Fowler’s use of social media as part of the story. Connecting YouTube to the plot helps lure in viewers of a particular age demographic. In actuality, YouTube has become a great yet tricky resource to navigate information on UFOs.

The trailer for Aliens: Zone of Silence also delivers a hint of the alienating force. It is no surprise this film involves aliens. Yet, the clips did not reveal in-depth information on the visitors and it shouldn’t. I’m interested to know if the aliens are the typical Greys or are they lizard-like? With his extensive authority as a VFX producer, expect to see Fowler translate eye-catching visuals in this film. The trailer does offer a stunning reenactment of an alien abduction. These particular scenes are terrifying for its authentic look. Fidel Arizmendi, Andy Fowler Aliens Zone of Silence

I’ve shown my perspective on Found Footage films many times over, not a fan. Yet, my interest on UFOlogy lures me toward Fowler’s film. I’m always fascinated by the creative yet serious toned expression translation of this subject. Aliens: Zone of Silence also incorporates historical fact into the narrative. Nice touch.

The following is an excerpt from the press release;

Aliens: Zone of Silence largely takes place in a swath of the Mexican desert known as “La Zona del Silencio.” In 1970, the U.S. military launched a test missile containing radioactive elements from Green River, Utah toward White Sands Missile Range. But they lost control of the missile, and it fell in the Mapimí Desert region. Ever since, there have been rumors of magnetic anomalies that prevent radio transmissions, local plant and wildlife mutations, and extraterrestrial activity

The trailer for Aliens: Zone of Silence does not sway my opinion. I’m eager to view the film, its narrative, and cast of characters.


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