Balloon Adds Clown Fear Factor with Psycholocial Approach

Balloon Film Details 

Director: Mitchell Slan

Writer: Mitchell Slan

Release Date: TBA

Release Format:

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 13 Minutes 43 Seconds


Penny and her therapist battle her phobia of balloons. However, it’s not the balloon itself… its the clown-like serial killer it represents.


Clowns, the embodiment of anxieties and enjoyment. With its identification in the Horror genre what was once a cherished jester transmogrified into an evil enemy. From the supernatural to serial killers countless films have corrupted this act beyond restoration. In fact, clowns, though not bound to a specific film, stands as a Horror icon. What is it about clowns that make up it creepiness? Is it the make-up or shenanigans that generate an eerie effect?

Balloon is an upcoming Horror film that elaborates on the dread, the allure of clowns. The approach derives from the imaginative consciousness of Mitchell Slan. Last year Slan introduced his version to found footage Horror with the film; 7. His next composition is a film short that reflect humanistic yet psychotic characteristics.

I told myself that if I was going to make a clown movie, it was going to be different. Horror films lack originality with clowns and “Balloon” twists the idea of why they are so frightening.

Mitchell Slan Director, Writer; Balloon

Balloon is running in film festival circulation. Mitchell Slan Balloon
Balloon Trailer Screenshot

First Impressions

The trailer for Balloon speaks volumes with its terrifying images. An innocent exposition introduces the broadcast, a view focused on a joyous celebration. The sequence translates into a moving lure for the observer. A plunge into taboos and psychological instability follow picturesque normalcy. It doesn’t take long for this hypothesis to prove correct.

The promo video Balloon provides an elementary introduction yet teasing no establishment of the film. The fragments of footage seem to point out the antagonist’s backstory and ambitions. Yet, the information is suggestive in context and tone. Based on the footage a surreal aesthetic appears to occupy the film. Whether this visible expression translates on the finished product stands for inquiring minds. Mitchell Slan Balloon
Balloon Trailer Screenshot

In conclusion  

Balloon elevates the clown concept with its part psychological Thriller, part Horror element. Slan combines naturalness with his translation of the clown concept. As a result, the narrative transforms into an interesting film. There doesn’t seem to be a supernatural reference in Balloon. The psychological approach is paramount for Slan’s film. This enhances the character’s scare factor.

It is difficult to understand the action presented in the trailer. Is the adolescent portrayed in the trailer girl predator or prey? Does the footage present inner struggles from an unbalanced individual?  Regardless of the material offered, the trailer for Balloon arrests attention. It is not the varied pieces of in-movie clips that provoke interest. The arrangement of camera work and the visual narrative becomes the attraction.

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Balloon Trailer Screenshot


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