Blame Game, The. Trailer Presents Interesting Plot Build


Blame Game, The. Premieres At The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Blame Game, The Trailer First Impressions Details Herb Kimble, The Blame Game

Director: Herb Kimble

Writer(s): Herb Kimble, Matthew Grant Godbey, Travis Opgenorth

Release Date: July 25, 2018

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Horror

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Running Time: TBA


The film is a thriller about an international businessman named Alex who has fallen from unparalleled success to rock bottom. Seemingly at the top of the world, the vices and temptations of success entrap Alex in a vicious cycle of self-destruction which lead him to a standoff against a shadowy figure in a desolate high-rise office. His wife, Amy, reaches out to him trying to prevent him from going over the edge, but the demons haunting him end up having the last say.

Press Release.


The Blame Game will premiere at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival on July 25, 2018. It will screen through August 2, 2018. The Short Horror production is directed by Herb Kimble. Co-Written by Matthew Grant Godbey and Travis Opgenorth. Produced by CineFocus Productions.

The Cast

Matthew Grant Godbey……Alex Taylor

Elle Velasco……Amy

Jojo Ruguerra……Whisper Double

Risa Aoki……Lucy

Miguel Velasquez Reyest……Detective

First Impressions

A successful businessman has a life most dream of. Based on the trailer for The Blame Game, I can speculate that Alex Taylor took his good fortunes for granted and played with fire, if you will. This is observing of a steamy sex affair clip. I can speculate that he dabbled in risky behavior. I can also speculate that he will pay for his infidelity.

The Blame Game has a concept that is seemingly familiar. The wealthy corporate executive, who breaks the rules and gets into mischievous behavior (drugs and infidelity). One night, his parade will come crashing down, when he finds himself at the mercy of a sinister presence that will force him to continue his game, but in a more deadly scenario.

This concept is somewhat seen in David Fincher‘s The Game, where Michael Douglas plays a parallel role. Almost an identical character aside from some initial differences. Also, almost the same film give or take differences.

Herb Kimble’s concept is an intriguing one. I am a fan of the scenario where the protagonist who takes his life, and the people involved for granted, reaping what they sew by a well-meaning antagonist. Likewise, this antagonist proceeds to “play God” by committing acts even more foul than the protagonist, making the well-being and the lives of all involved worse than before. Adding a shadowy figure increases the innovation and makes for an interesting story and plot build.

In Conclusion

The Blame Game has a familiar concept with an intriguing approach. Some personal speculations made on the trailer. Yet, I’m eager to watch this film to confirm my observations.


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