Body Harvest Trailer Premier An Exhibition of Horror


Body Harvest World Premier Trailer Unveiled

Body Harvest Film George L. Heredia Body Harvest

Director:  George L. Heredia
Writer:  George L. Heredia
Release Date: TBA
Release Format: TBA
MPAA Rating: TBA
Horror Sub-Genre: Horror

A desperate actress trying to repay a debt convinces her wannabe writer friend to go to a weekend production retreat where they become victims in human body organ trafficking.


Fade in, ominous music soft yet audible provides the mood for the overhead shot of…

Strapped to a blood-stained table is a young man. He is stricken with fear. The words he utters hints on his obliviousness to the unsettling circumstance. The shot cuts to a maniacal looking man veiled with a surgical mask. His piercing stare is an assault on the senses. Desperation compels the young man to shout at his captor.

“Why don’t you say something!”

The above description sums the trailer for Body Harvest. Greed and callousness substitute demons and monsters. Human organ trafficking is the central theme to the film. This in itself merits a watch. Audiences can expect to see an edge of your seat exhibition of terror and Horror. The world premier trailer presents a compelling montage of horrific carnage.

The world premier trailer presents a compelling montage of horrific carnage. A voice over, malicious in tonality accompanies the footage. The monologue finalizes with the following:

“….The real value is in the human organs.”

The trailer has a total running time of two minutes and ten-second. Within the allotted time Horror enthusiasts have familiarity with the story structure. Body Harvest presents the necessary genre tropes to keep audiences engaged. Therein we have the female protagonist, a remote location, and a psychotic bruiser.

Body Harvest is the directorial feature debut for George L. Heredia. Heredia also penned and produced the film. Kelsey Deanne and Todd Jenkins star as the lead. Shanon SneddenNellie Sciutto, James Burleson and Jessica Willis join the cast to Heredia’s upcoming indie Horror, Thriller.

At this moment the film does not have an official release date. Stay tuned to further updates on this project.


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