Book Of Monsters Premiers At Frightfest 2018


Book Of Monsters Debut Trailer, Poster Art

Book Of Monsters Film Details DecayM, Book Of Monsters Stewart Sparke  Paul Butler

Director: Stewart Sparke         

Writer:  Paul Butler

Release Date: 25th of August 2018

Release Format: World Premiere at the Frightfest 2018

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Social Media:



Running Time: 1h 24min


Six kickass women must fight off a horde of terrifying monsters at an 18th birthday party.


Back in 2016 DecayMag reviewed The Creature Below and at the time this was the first full feature release from UK based filmmaker Stewart Sparke. We also spoke with Sparke in regards to creating a creature feature Horror film on a limited budget.

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Since 2016 Sparke was hard at work creating his next entrant to indie Horror cinema. With the successful backing to a £45,709 Kickstarter campaign ($60,472.82), Sparke was able to secure funds to complete Book Of Monsters. Over two hundred backers made the success of the crowdfunding campaign possible. The unique aspect to this campaign was the fact that backers would cast a vote from a slate of supernatural antagonists.

Book Of Monsters features the acting talents of Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Stanton, Daniel S. Thrace, Anna Dawson, Rose Muirhead, Arron Dennis, Nicholas Vince and Steph Mossman. It will be no surprise for Horror enthusiasts to find a strong female protagonist in Sparke’s upcoming film.

Embedded above is the poster one sheet and trailer premiere. Stay tuned to DecayMag for further coverage on Book Of Monsters.

For tickets and information to the world premiere for Book Of Monsters visit the Official Frightfest website. 

First Impressions

The trailer has high entertainment value and does well to entice the view with comedic and Horror elements. Its obvious Sparke pays an homage to different Horror themes. Yet, there is a sense of distinction played here and not an emulation of tired tropes. Overall, the tonality is a welcoming mix of action and laughs. Gore seems to be on the forefront in this second release from the team at Dark Rift Films.

Also noticeable is the higher quality with practical effects. Sparke, it seems has raised the ante and his evolution as a filmmaker is something the team here at DecayMag cannot wait to see.

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