Canaries Trailer Takes Off With UK Brand Of Comedy Sci-Fi


Canaries Fly With Comedy Sci-Fi Elements

Canaries Film Detail Peter Stray Canaries

Director:  Peter Stray

Writer: Peter Stray

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: N/A

Social Media: Twitter

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Running Time: 1h 24min


The first wave of an alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a Welsh valley. Peter Stray Canaries


The trailer for Canaries delivers a concoction of various film genres. First, there is Action, second, there is suspense and third and most prevalent element, comedy. It was easy to gauge the B-movie dialogue but there is a unique appeal about UK comedy/Horror that does not disappoint. Subtracting the campy conversations Canaries looks to entertain with its practical and special effects. These are the visuals that can make or break a production. With Canaries I would not doubt the visuals will take this film into the cult classic territory.

There is sufficient material displayed in the trailer to persuade opinion on Peter Stray’s upcoming comedy/science fiction. Its only a matter of time before Canaries releases for public consumption. Currently, the film arrives at Cannes and will most likely get a buyer and/or distributor. Its a waiting game at this point for news of Video On Demand and/or DVD distribution platforms. Peter Stray Canaries

If the trailer for Canaries holds true for the quality production value audiences are in for a special treat once the film invades small screens. As stated earlier filmmakers in the UK have a creative level in conveying comedy with a serious topic whether that may be the apocalypse, zombies or in this case an alien invasion. Am looking forward to seeing this film and importing in my viewpoint as a film analyst.

The trailer and poster embedded in this article were released before Canaries made its debut at Cannes. Canaries is the latest production from Maple Dragon Films. Peter Stray Canaries

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