Cannibal Fog, Swedish Comedy, Horror Now On VOD!


Cannibal Fog Brings Gore A Twisted Tale

Cannibal Fog Film Details Director: Jonas Wolcher Writer: Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell Cannibal Fog

Director: Jonas Wolcher


Jonas Wolcher

Brian Bell

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy/Horror


Michael is living a life filled with sex, porn and baked beans. One day he discovers the pleasure of eating human flesh and after that he gets hooked on finding that feeling again. Director: Jonas Wolcher Writer: Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell Cannibal Fog


Cannibal Fog, written by Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell and directed by Wolcher is now out on VOD at

Cast overview

Malte Aronsson….Albin Gulbrandt

Linus Karlgren….Michael

Kim Sønderholm….Daniel Pedersen

Ida Karolin Johansson….Lotta

Lars Lundgren….Frank ‘The Guru’ Ydborn

Vargman Bjärsborn….Bishop

Johanna Valero….Gisela

Anders Dahlberg….Kaj-Roy

Anoshirvan Parvazi….Yosef

Kjell Häll Eriksson….Anders

First Impressions:

I must say that I wasn’t thrilled about Wolcher’s Cannibal Fog while watching the trailer, it was only when I read the synopsis that it got me interested. I’m not an avid fan of underground horror especially in such low budget because as you know by now I’m extremely sensitive about camera work and cinematography.

When you watch the trailer for Cannibal Fog – even though it doesn’t really tell us that much about the story – it shows how visually the film really is, and it isn’t that captivating. There are some elements that I thought that they could open my eye and change my mind about it, especially the use of the skeleton mask and the practical effects that seem fair and believable. Director: Jonas Wolcher Writer: Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell Cannibal Fog
Malte Aronsson and Linus Karlgren in Cannibal Fog (2014)

The trailer is about 1 minute long with a lot of disturbing images but it starts off really well with some suspense, not giving too much away. You do feel a bit confused throughout the trailer because it shows so much different glimpses of scenes and moments of the film that you don’t really understand what you’re watching. In a way maybe it refers to the state of mind of Michael, the lead character. He finds himself in a moment of his life where he discovers a new exciting substance, like a drug, and gets addicted and disturbed by the meaning of it. If it’s the case then it matches and it makes sense.

I did enjoy the moments where we can read some positive reviews about the film. It’s a great idea to add it to a trailer, to keep the viewer interested in watching the film and although sometimes it doesn’t bring that much to the experience, here it was essential.

In Conclusion:

If you’re into European indie horror and underground films, Cannibal Fog may be the perfect choice for you.

Although I’m not a fan of the subgenre I’m still curious to watch the whole film, especially after reading the synopsis, since we get the idea that it could be more than it actually shows in the trailer and that… I appreciate. Director: Jonas Wolcher Writer: Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell Cannibal Fog
Lars Lundgren in Cannibal Fog (2014)



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