Crispy ‘s Curse, A Humorous Supernatural -Trailer Review


Crispy ‘s Curse,  Comedy Horror A Killer

Crispy ’s Curse,  Film Details John Williams, Crispy 's Curse

Director, Writer:  John Williams

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Slasher


Crispy’s Curse is a horror/slasher/comedy film that follows the murderous habits of a charming and mesmerising clown as he strikes from the dead to continue his deathly games.

Hot on his trail are a group of paranormal investigators (Spirit Hunters International Team), Messiah Fist (A Christian heavy metal band on a mission from god) and Alon Baptiste ( A powerful spirit medium and destroyer of dark energies) .

These are closely followed by 2 small town detectives by the names of Pope and Moss, forever inappropriate with an undeserved swagger. Can they together rid the town of Crispy’s Curse, before the whole town becomes his victim. John Williams, Crispy 's Curse


Crispy’s Curse is the third film from UK-based independent filmmaker John Williams. Filming wrapped for this production and a release is forthcoming. There is no official release date as of yet, but it is slated for a 2017 release.

Williams’ entry into horror began in 2014 with the feature The Mothertown. In 2016 Williams followed with The Slayers.

The film stars:

Crispy’s Curse follows a deranged clown whose spirit is unknowingly summoned. He takes human form and preys upon innocent people. John Williams, Crispy 's Curse

Trailer Summary

A Christian Metal band is the first to witness Crispy’s wrath. Through the band’s album the clown gets summoned from the dead. This results in the fatality for one of the band members.

Two detectives assigned to the case learn the true identity of Crispy the clown. Spirit Hunters International, a team of Paranormal investigators embark on a mission. The team aim to find information on the murderous clown.

During the playing session of a band, Crispy appears to wreak havoc. Spirit Hunters International, Messiah Fist, and Alon Baptiste align to stop Crispy’s murderous reign. The group are also joined by Detective Pope and Detective Moss,

This task will not be so easy. Crispy is an evil spirit consumed with vengeance with the ability to take on John Williams, Crispy 's Curse


John Williams’ Crispy’s Curse looks very interesting. It’s dark and brutal with comedic undertones. It is fortunate that the comedy doesn’t outweigh the film’s effectiveness.

William’s clown reminds me a lot of Killjoy. The antagonist is a demon clown that plays brutal tricks and pranks on his victims. When I observe Crispy the clown, I get this vision of Killjoy. Also, the trailer, in a sense reminds me of the Killjoy film.

Crispy’s Curse enters the recent trend of dark comedy, serious-nature clown films. William’s film can and will add variety to this circuit.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more information on Crispy’s Curse as it develops.


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