Dark Harvest, Joint Action, Thriller Sparks Up on VOD


Dark Harvest, Rolls Up Marijuana Into Crime, Drama

Dark Harvest Film Details  DecayMag.com Dark Harvest James Hutson

Director: James Hutson

Writer: James Hutson

Release Date: January 9th, 2018

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 30min

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Dark Harvest’s lawless marijuana landscape creates a web of sexual intrigue and violence in which the cop and grower are forced to settle their moral differences to stop a cunning psychopath


DecayMag.com Dark Harvest James Hutson


Dark Harvest screened at the New York Cannabis Festival winning Best Film and Best Actor Awards. James Hutson’s film also screened at the Cannabis Film Festival in Colorado with a special screening at the High Times Cannabis Cup Festival in Las Vegas.

The film stars Cheech Marin, an actor know for his comedic roles and advocacy on marijuana. Most in the Horror community will recognize Cheech from several films spawned by Robert Rodriguez. These include but not limited to; From Dusk Till Dawn, Grindhouse, and Machete.

According to the press release:

Cheech Marin returns to pot movies after a thirty-four ( 34) year absence in Dark Harvest”

Dark Harvest is Cheech Marin’s first cannabis movie since Still Smokin, his final Cheech and Chong film in 1983. The new movie will be available on all digital platforms on January 9.

DecayMag.com Dark Harvest James Hutson

First Impressions

This is another example to which the synopsis and the trailer are two separate perceptions of one concept. The footage presented in video delivers action intense sequences to provoke interest. Viewers will get the gist of the of the film, a plot that focuses on two marijuana growers and a suspended narcotics officer. It turns out there is a kidnapping, classic good guys versus bad guys flair and a streak of murders.
Thriller is the least strengthened of the three categories IMDb casts Dark Harvest in. While the murders add depth to the plot, it is not enough to provide a level of suspense.

In Dark Harvest, the sequence of events revolves around the brink concerning the legalization marijuana. Hutson’s film does have the high octane sequences need to hook viewers. Yet, from the trailer its all eye candy and a viewing of the production would garner a solid opinion.

Dark Harvest will arrive on all digital platforms on the 9th of January 2018.

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