Dead Envy Trailer Hits Notes On Musical Thriller


Dead Envy Sets Stage For Music, Jealousy, Drama

Dead Envy Film Details Harley Di Nardo, Stacy Hullah Dead Envy

Director: Harley Di Nardo

Writer: Harley Di NardoStacy Hullah

Release Date: Fall 2018

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Music, Thriller

Running Time: TBA


A drama/thriller about rock music, obsession, shampoo and death. Aging rock musician David Tangiers hasn’t given up on the idea of recording a comeback album, even though he now works as a hairstylist in the salon he owns with his wife Cecily. After a mysterious new talent named Javy Bates makes his way into David’s life, Cecily tries to recruit him to help David with his music, only to find that Javy has an agenda of his own.. Harley Di Nardo, Stacy Hullah Dead Envy


Music, in particular, rock music always find a home within the Horror, Thriller genre. In Harley Di Nardo’s latest film presented are the typical betrayals found in daytime soap operas. Invest a hint of a dark thriller and hair styling and we have a good idea of the basis behind Dead Envy. Harley Di Nardo, Stacy Hullah Dead Envy


Dead Envy, the upcoming music-themed drama thriller has an uncanny premise. The story focuses on an aging musician, hair styling, and double-crossing. The Dead Envy trailer dropped on YouTube June 12th, 2018 and the film has a fall 2018 VOD release.

From the trailer, audiences gain insight into the plot and subsequent sub-plots. Presented is the chemistry of human drama that has a sense of familiarity. The acting tone exhibited in this random sequence of scenes has a B-Movie quality. To better assess this area requires a viewing of the film. As for the cinematography, Dead Envy looks to have a basic execution with angles that are straightforward. Accompanying retro-inspired color tones compliment the rock music vibe the film aims to cater to.

Random Media has gained all domestic rights to Harley Di Nardo’s film. Dead Envy had a major success receiving the award for Best Thriller at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. The event to which the film made its world premiere. Harley Di Nardo, Stacy Hullah Dead Envy


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