Deadly Crush Trailer Alludes Human, Entity Sexual Tease


Deadly Crush Wins Best Feature At Pittsburgh Film Festival

Deadly Crush Trailer First Impressions Details Dakota Aesquivel, Deadly Crush

Director: Dakota Aesquivel

Writer: Dakota Aesquival

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: TBA


When a painter rents a secluded cabin to jump start her creativity, she has sex with a ghost and finds herself part of his plan to bring itself back to life.


DecayMag Dakota Aesquival Deadly Crush


Deadly Crush is in post-production. The Supernatural Horror, Thriller is directed by Dakota Aesquivel. He also pens the script. Produced by You Never Know. The picture winds Best Feature at the Pittsburgh Film Festival.

The Cast

William Sadler……Sheriff Dusty Hawkins

Courtney Gains……Lawrence

James William O’Halloran……Liam

Jenna Willis……Holly Power

Judy Tenuta……Claire Voyant

First Impressions

In Deadly Crush, love has gotten even stranger. The concept: a spiritual entity has sex with a woman while she sleeps. This looks to turn into a full-blown love affair. However, the ghost has other motives. The trailer shows intriguing clips of intense passion along with some action scenes that pulls the viewer in.

At the end of the trailer, a voice says; “Because a soul without flesh quickly rots”. This is an interesting statement. I speculate the basis of the ghost’s motive will live here. There are clips of him possessing others to find his soul a host. This idea has always been a fascinating one. I’ve seen it first in Rolfe Kanefsky‘s Dead Sacred. 

Also, the concept of human and entity sexual relations is familiar but intriguing. Movies with this concept are Sidney J. Furie‘s The Entity and Harrison Atkins‘ Lace Crater. Love itself has already proved to be scary in Horror cinema entertainment. Mix that with other elements, such as in Aesquivel’s production, and there opens a whole new playground where the game can go in a multitude of paths.

DecayMag Dakota Aesquival Deadly Crush

In Conclusion

Deadly Crush introduces a familiar, yet a fascinating idea, mixing sex and romance with otherworldly scenarios to make for an interesting pitch. It’s said to be “Paranormal Activity meets What Lies Beneath“. This is clear, along with other comparisons, given clips from the trailer.


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