Devils Night, Does This Mock Doc Blend A Good Ghost Story?


Devils Night Found Footage Deliver Familiar Horror Themes

Devils Night Film Details Devils Night Director: Todd Bishop Writer: Derek Rethwisch

Director: Todd Bishop

Writer: Derek Rethwisch

Release Date: 10 October 2017 (USA)

Release Format: iTunes 

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror, Thriller  

Running Time: 1h 30min 


A celebrity-obsessed teen seeking fame and fortune via viral videos finds a Satanic documentary that leads him to a world of pure evil.

1. Overview Devils Night Director: Todd Bishop Writer: Derek Rethwisch

Not to be confused with the countless other films titled Devils Night. That was an exaggeration, on IMDb, there are seven (7) films/productions with a similar title. Although composed by different directors each film looks to share a common thread, the supernatural.

This film covered in this article is the latest release from Director Todd Bishop. Bishop’s involvement in film production spans roughly (ten) 10 years. His contributions to the Horror and Science Fiction genre are Zombie Apocalypse (2012) and Our RoboCop Remake (2014). With the latter, Bishop provided segment; scene ten (10). From video shorts to TV series, and serving as Segment Director Devils Night looks to be Bishop’s first full-length feature.    


2. First Impressions Devils Night Director: Todd Bishop Writer: Derek Rethwisch

The trailer for Devils Night offers traditions in composition and aesthetics to found footage films. Within the opening seconds, the words; Thirty years ago are superimposed on the screen. I already had an educated guess on the direction this promotional video was headed.

The Blair Witch Project is a prime example to compare the visuals Devils Night offers. Of course, there are endless other phone footage films with similar attributes. Therefore, Devils Night seems too familiar to be appealing, attractive and interesting.

Found footage films tend to follow a certain template. It is as follows; Act I focus on the characters and at times their senseless developments. Act II focuses on the characters getting themselves into stupid predicaments. Act III, in particular, the latter portions is where the director and writer decide to unveil or partially unveil the supernatural entity, alien, creature, etc… afflicting the group of protagonists. In Devils Night, the antagonist got possessed by not so nice forces. This person committed a mass murder and commits suicide. Too much of a reveal here. A group of curious teens years later venture to investigate the story is behind this heinous crime.

In an accompanying clip titled Grandma’s room, the videographer approaches an elderly woman as she slumbers on her bed. For some strange reason, the cameraperson smears ketchup all over the old woman’s lips.The woman awakens frantic, not knowing what the situation is. If this is supposed to be an archived found footage clip unedited why at the fifty-one (51) second Mark we see an abrupt cut in the footage? After that, another abrupt cut occurs two (2) seconds later. Devils Night Director: Todd Bishop Writer: Derek Rethwisch

The sense of realism goes out the window just by seeing those edits. Audiences are not gullible, do not treat the audience as such. Don’t assume those random edits are the result of old footage films circa 1984. For the grain and dust, effects thank you After Effects, Final Cut or Adobe Premier for your contribution to this film

Devils Night may appeal to those with an affection for the genre. As usual, I’ll be giving another found footage a pass. Devils Night is available on iTunes. Devils Night Director: Todd Bishop Writer: Derek Rethwisch


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