Dogged Psychological Horror Debuts Teaser Trailer


Dogged Tense Filled Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Dogged Film Details Director: Richard Rowntree Dogged

Director: Richard Rowntree


Matthew Davies…screenplay

Christina Rowntree… story

Richard Rowntree…story and screenplay

Genre: Horror


When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend a funeral, he soon discovers that the seedy underbelly of this small community harbours more than just a few secrets. Director: Richard Rowntree Dogged

The original concept for Dogged stemmed from a four-minute horror short. The short film garnered a high ranking on The Fear film competition featured on the BBC. Dogged won fifth place in this competitive platform. “Best micro short” at Buffalo Dreams Film Festival.

Dogged is marketed as a psychological Horror with folklore influences.

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Richard Rowntree’s Horror Seeks CrowdFunding

Principal Photography Begins, Spring 2017 Release

Dogged crowdfunding campaign secured an estimated twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) earlier his year. The UK-based production later delved into principal photography and editing.

News surfaced on Wednesday the 30th of November 2016 for Director Richard Rowntree’s upcoming horror film. A thirty-second teaser trailer released on YouTube. The segment does little to pacify the anticipation of Horror film enthusiasts worldwide. 

The film completed principal photography the first week of November 2016. A  release is projected in 2017. Although a specific date is not yet established.

Titled Dogged Teaser Trailer #1 The clip opens with an ominous thunderclap. A sinister laughter echoes across the expanse. A young girl runs in desperation through the dense sea of cornstalks. Lost, panic the young girl is cornered by a pursuing threat. A bloodcurdling scream is heard before the screen dissolves to a crimson tint.

A partial list of the cast are as follows;

Debra Leigh-Taylor

Sam Saunders

Toby Wynn-Davies

Jo Southwell

Tony Manders

Expect more news on as it develops. For more information stay tuned to DecayMag. Director: Richard Rowntree Dogged

Update: 23rd of December 2016

The trailer to Dogged released on the 23rd of December 2016. The film slated to release next year now has a segment packed with information. Elements provided are; central and supporting characters and a glimpse of the plot. From the opening scene, an introduction to segments of mystery and suspense unfold. The tragic death of a young girl, Megan sends a  town in mourning.

Surrounding her death is suspicion. The trailer for Dogged morphs into a Thriller. Shady characters and a lurking threat reinforce this aspect of the film.

The trailer concludes with tension filled visuals accompanied by a suspenseful soundtrack. Scenes featuring a sinister mob, a murder, and the hunted fleeing in fear are random selections. It will be interesting to see how all these sequences play into the full feature.


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