Ferryman, The Teases Psychological Torment in Trailer

DecayMag.com Elliott Maguire The Ferryman

Ferryman, The. Film Details

Director: Elliott Maguire

Writer: Elliott Maguire

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: TBA

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA


A troubled young woman is haunted by a malevolent entity after an attempted suicide.


DecayMag.com Elliott Maguire The Ferryman
Nicola Holt as MARA


The Ferryman is the latest Horror, Thriller to emerge from the United Kingdom. Principal photography began earlier this year with shooting locations established in and around Manchester. Filmmaker Elliott Maguire is using available technologies to develop his artistic composition. By adopting the iPhone 7 as the recording medium Maguire seeks to establish a relationship between the performer, narrative, and audiences.
The Ferryman explores psychological themes in particular topic offered are depression and suicide. Implementing these subjects may take the production into avenues that deviate from typical supernatural films.

DecayMag.com Elliott Maguire The Ferryman
Nicola Holt as MARA; Shobi Rae McLean as JULIA; and Frank Mathews as THE THERAPIST

The Latest

A teaser trailer for The Ferryman released earlier this week. The promotional clip has a measure with one phrase, suspenseful. There’s a sense of an experimentalism. From the airiness of the dialogue, its becomes evident that is the sound quality is lacking. This rough capture may be of deliberate intent. Providing the film with this unusual approach allows for a surreal aesthetic. A wild, distorted violin accompanies a montage of random scenes.
From the footage provided it is obvious The Ferryman holds good cinematic quality. Yet, the performances are eluding. It becomes difficult to analyze this aspect based on the provided scenes.

The Ferryman heightens interest. The video montage in the trailer supplies insight toward the narrative. It suggests that subconsciousness plays an import capacity in the film.
Below are two excerpts from the press release DecayMag received this week.

DecayMag.com Elliott Maguire The Ferryman
Pam Ashton as THE NURSE

“As much a psychological drama as a horror film, The Ferryman explores important themes such as depression and alienation in the modern world, while also delivering a truly terrifying cinematic experience. In the writing process, I took inspiration from classics such as Let The Right One In and Candyman, to create that deep sense of evil, while creating characters that the audience actually care about”

Elliott Maguire Director, Writer The FerryMan


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