Fighting The Sky Hints Alien Invasion With Teaser


Fighting The Sky, Alien Forces Threaten Mankind?

Fighting The Sky: Film Details Conrad Faraj, David Matthew Cummings, Roger Jones. Fighting The Sky

Director: Conrad Faraj


Conrad Faraj

David Matthew Cummings

Roger Jones

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Sci-Fi

Running Time: Not Stated


A group of young ufologists explore a series of apocalyptic sounds emerging from the sky. For years, all around the world, people have heard and recorded a thundering sound that emits from the sky without any origin or explanation. Even the scientists are stumped, folks, and the strange part is the media is ignoring it. Something is going on, and that something will be explored in Fighting The Sky.


Fighting The Sky is in post-production. The Sci-Fi feature film produced by Conrad Studios and F6 Productions.

The cast stars

Angela Cole

Roger Conners

Matthew Ward

Nicole Ann Hicks

Alison Headrick

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The Latest


A new teaser trailer for Fighting The Sky has released. The film centers on a town that becomes hit with a mysterious force. No one knows what it is, but it holds a strong presence. Observing the trailer, I get an end of the world vibe to the film. The viewer is witnessing a quiet town being thrust into darkness when this force hits.

It’s hard to see what the machine is that hovers across the sky over the town, but it looks like some type of spaceship. Being that the synopsis calls for ufologists, it’s easy to speculate the film centers an alien invasion. Thus, the trailer is simple and brief, and the synopsis leaves a lot to ponder. Viewing the trailer, there is no sight or proof of extraterrestrials to back up this assumption.

The trailer succeeds in its simplistic approach. It is dramatic, yet enticing, and draws the viewer in to want to know more.

Conrad Faraj is best known for The Shadow People and Little Thieves.


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