Flay Trailer, CGI Slender Man Not Distracting


Flay More Appealing Than Sony’s Slender Man

Flay Film Details DecayMag.com Director: Eric Pham Writer: Matthew Daley Flay

Director: Eric Pham

Writer: Matthew Daley

Release Date: April 2nd, 2018

Release Format: Digital

MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Social Networking: Official Facebook Page


After the death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit.

DecayMag.com Director: Eric Pham Writer: Matthew Daley Flay
FLAY – Shaman (Jordan LeuVoy)

First Impressions

My initial thoughts on the trailer for Fray next to the obvious connection of the Slender Man character was an instant jump towards “80’s slasher flicks” thanks to the overabundant use of scantily clad women, some of which who appear to be somewhat dimwitted when speaking to their male counterpart. This I cannot tell for sure as this shot looks as though the female is possibly displaying sarcasm, but if it is the case, it would an unfortunate thing to see this day and age. Without the proper context of their complete conversation however, this can be nothing more than wild speculation on my part.

Upon further viewings I noticed that the sound engineering is solid throughout the trailer, giving me hope that this is carried out through the entirety of the film along with the creepy vibe displayed in the various cut scenes we’re made privy to.

DecayMag.com Director: Eric Pham Writer: Matthew Daley Flay
FLAY – Billy (A Michael Baldwin)

Another plus is the striking visuals used for the effects which seem to be most practical and include the use of camera tricks such as reversing the footage to display something unusual alongside a small mixture of computer-generated effects. There is enough CG used that it’s noticeable, but not in such abundance to distract you from what’s being played out on screen.

In all, Flay looks much more appealing to me as a horror fan than Slender Man did upon its release due to the fact that it seems as though it may be much grittier that Sony’s rated 14, a disgrace of a film. Because of this, it should be able to deliver on some of the scares and hopefully, we’re able to get some truly notable kills from it which gets me excited to check it out for myself. On top of this, seeing Michael Baldwin of Phantasm fame having a role in the film is definitely a fun bonus!

DecayMag.com Director: Eric Pham Writer: Matthew Daley Flay



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