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Found Footage Film Details Found Footage Drew Byerly Travis M. Riggs Willy J. Sasso


Drew Byerly

Travis M. Riggs

Willy J. Sasso


Drew Byerly

Travis M. Riggs

Willy J. Sasso

Release Date: July 10th, 2018.

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating:

Genre:  Comedy

Social Media: Global Digital Releasing Facebook Page

Running Time: 1h 33min


Found Footage is a movie starring Jared Bess, Willy J. Sasso, and Drew Byerly. Three teens set out to fix their schools bullying problem by staging their own hunger games and documenting the whole process. Found Footage Drew Byerly Travis M. Riggs Willy J. Sasso


In recent years Horror filmmakers with one-dimensional ideas and tied to a micro-budget stray into the easiest form of media creation, found footage films. Much may disagree but these visual narratives are generic, each presentation uses a low-quality cinematic value to emulate a real-life docu-drama scenario. Yet, these films are often generic and lack the impact of Horror. For instance, instead of structured shots audiences get the shaky vertigo-inducing camera effect. Poor dialogue and acting replace professional structured performances.

Found footage films have garnered a following and because of this more and more content are delivered in this field and at a rapid pace. The latest installment to the found footage genre parodies the found footage genre, go figure. Filmmakers Drew Byerly, Travis M. Riggs, Willy J. Sasso project bullying, comedy and all the typical structures in found footage films. The title of their film is Found Footage. Found Footage Drew Byerly Travis M. Riggs Willy J. Sasso

What is the premise for Found Footage?

The excerpt from the press release we received answers this question.

For three teenage friends, Lawrence (Jared Bess), Jeremy (Willy J. Sasso) and Tanner (Drew Byerly) life is pretty good in their own little bubble. Tanner loves sports but has obviously been hit in the head one too many times. He also enjoys roughhousing with his good friend Jeremy who finds joy in musical theater and drama club. Unfortunately, his passion does not amount to any talent. And then there is Lawrence, the overweight angry guy with glasses who hates the world and has a dad that just might be a serial killer.

First Impressions

The trailer for Found Footage presented nothing I haven’t seen before in films of this caliber. Although the comedic element becomes placed at the forefront, the humor feels flat and typical. It would not be much of a surprise if most of the action develops in ACT III. From the trailer, it is also obvious that natural expression masks the B-Movie style acting.

There is a lot of information gathered and interpreted from the trailer for Found Footage. For an addition to the docu-style drama Found Footage fits adequately.


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