Giantess Attack Stands Tall as Retro Sci-Fi -Trailer Review


Giantess Attack, Stomps into Retro Sci-Fi Themes

Giantess Attack: Full Details 

Director: Jeff Leroy

Writer: Jeff Leroy

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi


A military accident transforms two sexy divas with bloated egos into rampaging giantesses.

Overview Jeff Leroy. Giantess Attack

Giantess Attack is currently in post-production. Jeff Leroy directs this Sci-Fi creation. Leroy’s credits include; Rat Scratch FeverCreepies, and Werewolf In A Woman’s Prison.

Tasha Tacosa, Rachel Riley, Christine Nguyen, Jed Rowen, Robert Rhine star in Leroy’s Sci-Fi throwback. 

The film surpassed the funding goal of four thousand dollars ($4,000) during its Kickstarter campaign.

Trailer Analysis

The Giantess Attack trailer follows two sexy dim-witted superhero actresses. They’re called “Battle Babe” and “Combat Queen”. After a confrontation during the filming of a show, their boss pulls the plug on the project. Showbiz proves not to be their calling.

They’re approached and summoned by two doll-sized twins from the 50th galaxy. These aliens are the “Metalunas”.

“Battle Babe” and “Combat Queen” transform into two giant superheroes. called “Team Giantess Attack”. Yet, they are far from superheroes.

They go on a rampage, terrorizing the town. They get attacked by an army, in an attempt to stop them, but it won’t be easy. They go to battle with the army while attacking innocent citizens of the town.


Leroy’s film is a simple pitch that has potential. 50-foot giant babes terrorizing Hollywood. This is not an idea with frequency in Horror or Sci-Fi cinema. This is true with ideas circulating in film today. So, that gives it an advantage.

The trailer has mediocre cinematography and cheesy special effects. This makes me second-guess the film’s effectiveness. Of course, this in intentional. The presentation is an homage to campy old Sci-Fi films.

Giantess Attack is the type of film that releases straight-to-DVD and/or streaming. Bypassing a theatrical release perhaps. Leroy’s film ooks to be in the final stages of production.  No announcement to an official release date. Stay tuned for updates.

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