Hell House LLC To Release November, Clip Reveal


Hell House LLC, Stephen Cognetti: Terror Films Release Exclusive Promos

Hell House LLC, Stephen Cognetti: Found Footage Horror, Thriller

Title: Hell House LLC DecayMag.com Hell House LLC Stephen Cognetti

Director: Stephen Cognetti

Writer: Stephen Cognetti

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Genre: Horror, Thriller


Five years after an unexplained tragedy on opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour (Hell House), a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the disaster, to investigate the events of that night.

During an interview with one of the original staff members, they are given never-before-seen footage taken by the staff of the haunted house. It reveals the terrifying truth about what really happened on the opening night of HELL HOUSE!


Hell House LLC is nearing it’s premiere date. The Horror, Thriller is written and directed by Stephen Cognetti and is a Found Footage, haunted house feature. It was an Official Selection at  Fear Fete and Telluride Horror Show

The Hell House LLC trailer plays like the average Found Footage film: first person point-of-view, a lot of running around, distorted images and scenes as being seen through the camera lens. However, it’s being highly praised for its innovation, and this is something worthwhile.

DecayMag.com Hell House LLC Stephen Cognetti

Found Footage films have long since lost their touch. The darker and scarier they attempt to get, the cheesier they become. Probably ever since the Paranormal Activity films and other like-minded films, this circuit has fallen off the bandwagon.

In actuality, probably the big underlying mystery to Found Footage films is the fear of the unknown. These films are very good at providing an unnerving, uneasy feeling psychologically. You get a first-hand view and perspective of what’s going on, but you still don’t exactly understand what’s going on, at least in most Found Footage films.

They put you at the heart, or the center, of the chaos and the nightmare, but you’re still left hanging, trying to figure out exactly what is happening. Found Footage films are very good at leaving the viewer confused and providing a psychological tension.

After viewing the trailer, Hell House is the first Found Footage film I have been excited about since the V/H/S/ films.

Terror Films have recently released four promo and exclusive clips to view.

Hell House LLC will release on November 1, 2016, on the following platforms:

  • Amazon  Instant
  • YouTube
  • Xbox Live
  • VUDU
  • Playstation
  • Vimeo On Demand
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

The film will also be released on the following platforms at later date:

  • Amazon Prime
  • The 24 Hour Movie Channel on Roku
  • DVD
  • Cable VOD

What Really Happened?

 How Many Freaks Do We Have?

 Where’s Tony?

 Searching The Basement



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