ID, The. Psychological Thriller on DVD -Trailer Review


ID, The. Delves into Psyche With Trailer

ID, The. Film Thommy Hutson, Sean H. Stewart. The ID

Director: Thommy Hutson

Writer: Sean H. Stewart

Release Date: 2015

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


Amanda Wyss delivers a raw and startling performance as Meridith opposite Patrick Peduto as her father. Jamye Méri Grant, Malcolm Matthews and Brent Witt co-star as the suspicious outsiders drawn into Meridith’s world of hallucinatory dementia.

For decades, Meridith Lane (Wyss) has felt trapped in her home. Surviving on memories of youth, she watches the years slip by while caring for her abusive father…until a figure from her past makes a surprising return.

In order to live the life she desires, Meridith must confront her father’s monstrous cruelty and attempt to escape his tyrannical grip. But the man who controls her every move won’t let go without a fight, leading father and daughter into a series of desperate and irreversible acts.

As Meridith’s psyche is slowly pushed to the breaking point, the line between fantasy and reality is hopelessly blurred. With strangers prying at the door and the walls of her childhood home closing in, Meridith spirals into a frightening world of paranoia, madness…and violence.


The ID released in 2015. The Horror, Thriller is directed by Thommy Hutson and written by Sean H. Stewart and produced by Hutson and Daniel Farrands of Ranch Media and Panic Ventures, Inc. It won Best Thriller at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. Thommy Hutson, Sean H. Stewart The ID

Trailer Summary

The ID trailer is very sad and traumatizing. It starts with a neighbor checking up on Meridith (portrayed by Amanda Wyss). She then has a flashback to when she is being taunted by her cruel Father (portrayed by Patrick Peduto), who looks to be very ill and getting worse.

Meridith is being driven to insanity as her abusive father holds his grip on her. She doesn’t have much of a social life. She is bound to the house, which serves as a restraint, as her father refuses to let her leave.

This mental, emotional, and physical abuse proves more than Meridith can take, as she slowly gains the courage to go head-to-head with her father and free herself from his hold. However, this battle looks to have gotten way out of hand as you see interweaving, teasing clips of a deadly aftermath. Thommy Hutson, Sean H. Stewart The ID


The ID looks like a very intense love story, in a sense, between father and daughter. This woman has been held hostage by her father who, for some reason, doesn’t want to let her go. I wonder if it’s that he himself has had a secret love for her that progresses way beyond normal fatherly love.

There are several interweaving clips that switch between the past and present day, but they don’t exactly show the backstory that leads to this toxic relationship between father and daughter. He is holding on to her for some dark, secret motive far beyond his ill health.

She has become enslaved by his demands to care for him, and she imprisons herself to tend to the needs and well being of her father, while slowly turning mad until she finally breaks, not only from her father’s control but her whole sense of self-breaks and turns psychotic.

The ID is a fresh, unconventional idea. It isn’t the first of it’s kind, but it’s one of very few of its kind. The last film I’ve seen kind of similar to this, but in an entirely different direction, is Alejandro Amenabar’s Regression. The whole idea of father abuses daughter and daughter fights back.

The ID is now available on Blu-Ray on Amazon. You can also order a signed copy of the Blu-Ray from Dark Delicacies.


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