Island Zero Trailer Reveals Survival Against Unknowns


Island Zero Brings Familiar Threat to Survival Horror

Island Zero Film Details Director:  Josh Gerritsen Writer: Tess Gerritsen Island Zero

Director:  Josh Gerritsen

Writer: Tess Gerritsen

Release Date: TBD

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: TBD

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBD


A fishing community on a remote Maine island finds itself suddenly cut off from the rest of the world after the ferry stops coming. When people start to vanish, the terrified survivors realize that someone – or something – is hunting them.


Island Zero is the directorial feature debut for Josh Gerritsen. While most filmmakers set to start with film shorts Gerritsen took the initiative for a full stage production. This is not the first time writer Tess Gerritsen uses a body of water as the catalytic agent. Tess served as screenwriter and part of the editorial team for the 1993 Thriller Adrift. In her next installment, Island Zero water represents a distinguishing element in the narrative.

The husband and wife team have established an approach in Horror that synthesizes the supernatural and human emotion. Gerritsen’s film presents the man versus unknown creative writing direction. The concept can translate well as a novel, therefore the curiosity lies on how the story will unfold on screen. Director:  Josh Gerritsen Writer: Tess Gerritsen Island Zero

First Impressions:

Island Zero, the trailer was a dreadful hodgepodge of voiceover narration and interpolated scenes. There was no direction and flow. What was the editor trying to express? Tension decreased within the first minute and exposed story elements leave little for the imagination to dwell on. Can this promo clip sabotage the film? Not possible.

The concept Tess Gerritsen wrote has the strength for an intriguing supernatural thriller. An assembly of survivors become trapped on a lonely island. They find themselves tormented by an invisible, evil force. The concept appears to have a sense of the ordinary. Yet, the story feels genuine. Island Zero becomes one of those films that demands a viewing to understand the whole significance of the artistic composition.

From the footage presented it is apparent that a B-movie acting technique is predominant. This film element can be ignored if the scenes are intriguing enough to move the viewer.
At the time of this, published article not much information on Island Zero is available.

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Twitter Director:  Josh Gerritsen Writer: Tess Gerritsen Island Zero


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