Viral Demon, The. Tech Influenced Terror In Development


Viral Demon, The. Nightmare Unfolds With Cyber Social Commentary

Viral Demon, The Film Details Jeremy Wechter, The Viral Demon

Director: Jeremy Wechter

Writer: Jeremy Wechter

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: TBD

Social Media

Genre: Horror, Supernatural


Four college friends participate in an annual video chat that goes horribly wrong when an ancient evil, imprisoned by witchcraft, is inadvertently released. Witness the hellish first night of demonic possession as it unfolds in real-time. As the possessions multiply and body count rises, their night of fun becomes a race to stop the evil before it can spread across the world through electronic means. Knowing who to trust is the key to survival.

From the Press Release


The Viral Demon is in the early stages of production. From Writer/Director Jeremy Wechter comes demonic Supernatural Horror experienced in real-time. The complex antagonist’s rooted in actual history and has a continuing narrative that could lead to potential sequels. The Viral Demon raises questions about technology and human connection that is so relevant to our modern society. Produced by Michael Gonzalez and Emily Pojman. Executive Produced by P.J. Starks.

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The Team

Jeremy Wechter

Michael Gonzalez

Leah Chen Baker

Juni Li

Andres Lopez

Amanda L. Broomell

Chancelle Mafoua

Clodagh Power

Jackson Warner-Lewis

Engin Kaplan

Wesley Huang

Ruben Almeida

Connor Lawson

KJ Hanna

Devan Saber

Jacob Below

Rob Maisonet

Matt Brunson-Clin Jeremy Wechter, The Viral Demon

First Impressions

The Viral Demon has a plot that is refreshing. The heart of the premise centers on four former college friends involved in multiple homicides years ago. Fast forward to the Present Day, their pasts have come back to bite them in the ass. A mysterious man appears on the live recording feed. His face blanked out and distorted. He sends a warning message regarding the Quad Murders that took place years ago. He shows clips of the actual events that took place. Brief, random clips of sexual harassment, rape, assault, and murder shown. The screen blacks out. A distorted image appears when the screen fades in with a mysterious voice in a foreign language that sounds like a chant. I speculate this the proposed demon during the moment of possession as the synopsis suggests.

The cinematography effects are a great choice for the tone of the film. Viewing the trailer, it feels as if you are watching events unfold as they are happening from a live feed. This comparable to the concept of the V/H/S films, but still travels down its own path of creativity and innovation. It’s like a Found Footage production but has quality and substance. This based on the trailer. The mood of the cinematography techniques is dark. Jeremy Wechter, The Viral Demon

In Conclusion

The Viral Demon introduces relevant, important problems with technology in modern society. Most social media platforms – if not, all – use a form of a  live video feed. I am familiar with that of Facebook and Instagram in particular. We have already seen instances of Facebook Live and Twitter Live being used to broadcast crimes in real-time. Writer/Director Jeremy Wechter explores this concept, adding the interesting phenomena of demonic possession. This makes for an engrossing concept. The excitement on how this progress in the film is full of anticipations.

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