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Johnny Gruesome Trailer

Johnny Gruesome Film Details Greg Lamberson Johnny Gruesome

Director: Gregory Lamberson

Writer: Gregory Lamberson

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes


Based on the award winning horror novel by Gregory Lamberson. In the village of Red Hill, high school student Eric Carter (Byron Brown II) suspects his murdered best friend Johnny Grissom (Anthony De La Torre) has returned from the grave to exact revenge upon his enemies.

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Johnny Gruesome Soundtrack Features Stunning Line-Up Greg Lamberson Johnny Gruesome


Johnny Gruesome is a project with years in the making Author and Filmmaker Gregory Lamberson constructed the screenplay in 1984, at age 19. in 2007 Lamberson published the novel via Medallion Press in 2007. The literary composition would later gain the Anubis Award for Horror. In 2008 the novel received a nomination for the Black Quill Awards in the Best Small Press Chill Category.

DecayMag covered Lamberson’s production since it was first announced.

Johnny Gruesome delves into the supernatural, the concept presents a vindictive ghost seeking to punish those that did him wrong. The protagonist is a teen with deep-rooted issues. His life in and outside his residence seems tainted with dysfunction. This character can connect with audiences especially with adolescent demographics. Greg Lamberson Johnny Gruesome

First Impressions

After waiting with eager expectation the trailer for Johnny Gruesome arrived. The promotional clip runs just over two minutes in duration and yields enough visuals to sum the imaginative direction Lamberson used. From the beginning, the observer can determine the cultural comment on bullying. This topic is widespread no matter what generation the narrative plays out in. Lamberson combines principles of supernatural action formula but the largest component is the comedic material.

Tension does not manifest within the drama infused pieces. For audiences expecting a gloomy approach to a vendetta driven fantasy, Johnny Gruesome does not provide it. Greg Lamberson Johnny Gruesome

Astute observers will catch the traces of CGI effects attached to the film. Its application seems minimal yet flows with the aesthetic of the film. Yet, the defining aspect is the protagonists’ metamorphosis. Johnny Gruesome changes from specter to mortal to decaying tissue. Midway through the trailer viewers find Johnny Gruesome to exhibit a grotesque appearance. The practical effects application mirrors Lamberson’s conception of the character. This defining profile adorns both the cover to novel and poster art

Lamberson’s focus for creating composed shots is unmistakable in the trailer. For instance, the clip starts with a wide angle establishing perspective. A car crosses over a bridge, the scene cuts away to the vehicle approaching a high school parking lot. A young woman expresses the lead character’s name as the automobile speeds past. These developing scenes display an inventive approach to establish the titular character. Greg Lamberson Johnny Gruesome

Johnny Gruesome seems to pay a tribute to the 80’s movie period. The actor’s performances have the conventional B-movie technique. Yet, these portrayals are not problematic to the viewing experience. In contrast, it sums up a nostalgic suggestion for Horror films.

Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls performs the theme song, “Dyin’ Tonight,” which he co-wrote with the film’s composers, Armand John Petri and Joe Rozler. Dean Italiano, Giasone Italiano and Aprilann perform additional songs.

With the trailer now obtainable it’s only a matter of time before a release date and distribution platform become available. Till then tune into DecayMag for further information or visit  Johnny Gruesome official Facebook page.


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