Johnny Z Trailer Teases Action Intense Zombie Apocalypse

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Johnny Z film details

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• Release Date:  31 October 2018 (USA)

• Release Format: YouTube

• MPAA Rating:  N/A


• Genre: Horror Short

• Running Time: 4 min 37 sec

• Social Networking:

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The zombie theme is an oversaturated market that spawns into different genres such as Action, Comedy, and Dramas. Despite the revisited approach in conveying post-apocalyptic scenarios, filmmakers have to think outside the box to keep the theme fresh. This is where filmmaker Jonathan Straiton enters with his soon to be released film, Johnny Z.

Jonathan Straiton’s upcoming zombie film revolves around a Revenge-Action hybrid with martial arts added to sweeten the cinematic experience. Johnny Z is not to be confused with the vengeful teen zombie created by Gregory Lamberson.

The Johnny Z teaser trailer via Hurricane Bridge Entertainment released Monday, November 19th, 2018. The film will release in 2019, a specific date and its distribution platforms are pending.

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first impressions

The teaser trailer for Johnny Z has a running time of one (1) minute and twenty-two (22) seconds. In the allotted time frame, the viewer can determine what the external conflict is with ease. Zombies are the core theme followed by all the survival horror prerequisites. With the latter, it is difficult to assess who are the secondary characters based on the Johnny Z teaser trailer. In fact, little about Ron Bonk and Jonathan Straiton’s screenplay finds its way in this short marketing clip.

There are plenty of hints peppered throughout the Johnny Z teaser trailer that astute audiences will note. For example, the printed black sweater is a clue for the main character’s backstory. Also, the shoulder emblem seen on two characters may attribute the evil corporation most zombie films play host to.

Yet, it the fight sequences that provide the highlight to this marketing reel. For Martial Arts enthusiasts such as myself, this added feature to Johnny Z is a first for the zombie genre. Jonathan Straiton has a penchant for infusing over the top splatter effects in his film. In Johnny Z we have gore and ass-kicking in volume. Johnny Z Jonathan Straiton Johnny Z

Press Release Excerpts

• Johnny Z demonstrates many different forms of martial arts and is Straiton’s first bilingual film where both the main actors speak English and Spanish. Action and horror of reanimated corpses, virally infected human beings, and exciting martial arts action all filmed in Central Virginia.

• Johnny Z will begin its festival run in the spring of 2019. Hurricane Bridge Entertainment has partnered with Black Mandala (Inbred, What the Waters Left Behind) for the films worldwide distribution.


Special effects by Marcus Koch 

Produced by

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