Lace Crater, Inventive Horror Film Gets Trailer Reveal


Lace Crater Redefines Horror with Narrative

Lace Crater, Indie Horror Offers Inventive Narrative

Director: Harrison Atkins

Writer: Harrison Atkins

Release date: 29th of July 2016


All Ruth (Lindsay Burdge) wanted was to get away for the weekend. Escaping to the Hamptons with friends after a bad breakup, she finds an unexpected connection with Michael (Peter Vack), a stranger who shows up in her room one boozy night.

They have great chemistry, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. There’s only one problem: Michael’s a ghost, and a one night stand with him leaves Ruth with aftereffects that can only be described as supernatural. As she suffers through mucous-laden night sweats, glitchy hallucinations, and the occasional tar-black ooze, her friends become too disgusted to support her. Ruth must figure out for herself if she can reintegrate into society – or if she even wants to.


Lace Crater is the feature debut from director Harrison Atkins. Atkins also penned the script to this indie released film. The trailer revealed today, offers a glimpse to a unique Horror narrative. Atkins combines a tale of the supernatural with a concept many Horror enthusiasts dub as; “body horror”.

Presented in the trailer is a high tension edge of your seat Horror, Thriller. Ruth is the central character. Once symptoms of unknown origin manifest after a one night stand. The film chronicles Ruth’s circumstance as it develops a supernatural turn for the worse.

Lace Crater premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. Atkins’ debut feature will open in cinemas and on video on demand (VOD). Mark you calendars, The film is set to the release on the 29th of July 2016. Video on Demand will is an exclusive engagement via FlixFling. Atkin’s feature film debut opens in Los Angeles cinemas on the 5th of August 2016.

Stay tuned, will publish a film review for Harrison Atkins’ Horror filmOur analysis will print within the week of the release. Till then take a moment to view the trailer to this fascinating Horror film.


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