Lake of Shadows Seeks Crowdfunding, Trailer Reveal


Lake of Shadows Trailer Remains Aground With Details

Lake of Shadows Film Details  Michael S. Rodriguez, Tino Zamora Lake of Shadows

Director: Michael S. Rodriguez

Writer: Michael S. RodriguezTino Zamora

Release Date: 18 July 2017 (IMDb)

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: TBA

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA


Three aspiring filmmakers venture to a mysterious lake resort to uncover a story on a local legend. As they get closer to the truth, the danger follows. Before they know it they are thrust into a fight for their lives and the truth about Avocado Lake.  Michael S. Rodriguez, Tino Zamora Lake of Shadows


For filmmaker Michael S. Rodriguez  Lake of Shadows becomes his feature film debut. The approach is not a bad choice for his inaugural production. Creature Feature films have had resurgence over the past couple of years. Most center on cryptozoological appeal.
Lake of Shadows offers a tribute to the marine predator featured in movies of yesteryear. A modern appeal performs well with this appeal to the genre.  Michael S. Rodriguez, Tino Zamora Lake of Shadows

First Impressions

The teaser trailer for Lake of Shadows opens with Actor Robert LaSardo extending a proposal to a curious stranger. He somehow retains fierce Latino bravado when the comment is non-threatening. A fixed shot of a placid lake soon follows. This becomes the first of a series of clever pieces The warning sign displayed in this scene serves well as an inducement for the narrative. Expressed in English and Spanish is a warning concerning hazards of the lake’s deep water.  Michael S. Rodriguez, Tino Zamora Lake of Shadows

After the superimposed text viewers watch as a group of children playing in the lake. The emotional tie is establishing a predatory menace where unsuspecting innocents remain at risk. This becomes an interesting device to provoke dread. This scene raises issues with how deep this reservoir is. Either the youngsters were giants or the lake is not as deep as professed. The height meets one youth waist deep. Other shots also find the body of water to be of a shallow level.

The trailer for Lake of Shadows produces tension. Some amphibian species becomes a defining menace. What the adversary is and how it shows its behavior on the environing neighborhood is a question best answered by watching the film.


The production team seeks three thousand dollars ($3000) to cover the many costs entailed in making Lake of Shadows. They’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.

For more information on Lake of Shadows visit the official Facebook Page.  Michael S. Rodriguez, Tino Zamora Lake of Shadows

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