Lightest Darkness Shines as Mystery Thiller Noir

Lightest Darkness Film Details Diana Galimyzanova's Lightest Darkness

Director: Diana Galimyzanova

Writer:  Diana Galimyzanova

Crowdfunding Platform:  Indiegogo.

Target Goal: $35,000 flexible goal $10,063 USD total funds raised

Release Date: TBA



When a neurotic private eye who struggles to finish the case takes a train voyage, his own dark secrets begin to reveal themselves.


The Lightest Darkness received coverage back in July 2016. Established at the time was a crowdfunding campaign to fund this indie film. The intriguing aspects? The film is the first ever female-directed Russian film.

The crowdfunding was a success. One hundred eighty-five donors contributed towards the goal of ten thousand sixty-three dollars ($10,063).

The concept is intriguing, a film centered on  mystery and murder. Yet, the approach is unconventional with its black and white aesthetic. Audiences will be kept guessing. All due to  Diana Galimyzanovawith’s creative direction. The Lightest Darkness is told from  a reverse-chronological narrative.

For her debut, Galimyzanova intends to pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock. On the 10th of December 2016, a trailer released. The clip showcases the path Galimyzanova took in her vision. Diana Galimyzanova's Lightest Darkness

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Trailer Analysis;

The trailer opens with a medium shot of a beautiful woman. Sequences unfold after her small monologue. A quirky soundtrack provides the audio backdrop to the chain of events. The trailer offers an artistic interpretation of the story. The use of camera angles and lighting brings definition to each scene.

Using modern technology Galimyzanova arrests the viewer with a film noir expression. Elements of comedy are also tossed into the mix. It will be interesting to see the complete story interweave between the characters. From the trailer, a slate of uncanny characters seems to be the cast.

A serial killer by the name of Fruiterer is on the loose. Given that the story is in reverse expect to see a revealing twist in the end.. or is it the beginning. Even so, The Lightest Darkness will release sometime soon. The wait continues.


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