Lighthouse Keeper Revives Edgar Allan Poe’s Story, Now on VOD


Lighthouse Keeper, The. Brings Edgar Allan Poe’s Tale to Life

Lighthouse Keeper, The Film Details Benjamin Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, Carl Edge, Thunderhead Entertainment, Millman Productions. Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper

Edgar Allan Poe’s

The Lighthouse Keeper

Director: Benjamin Cooper


Edgar Allan Poe (story) 

Benjamin Cooper

Carl Edge

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Cable, DVD, VOD.


A castaway awakes on a beach with wounded forehead and sees a woman leaving the place. He takes his satchel and follows her. While climbing a cliff, he falls and faints. He wakes up with amnesia in a lighthouse and the keeper Walsh explains that they are isolated in a remote peninsula where nobody can leave.

The only means of transportation to San Francisco is a ferry that will arrive two weeks later. Last but not the least, he warns that he shall always keep a light burning during the night. He goes to the woods in the morning and meets the woman again. He learns that her name is Nora and they fall in love with each other.

When he returns to the lighthouse, Nora explains that Walsh is crazy and she cannot go there. During the night, the young man blows out the candle and sees spectral creatures. What are the secrets of Walsh, Nora and the lighthouse?


Edgar Allan Poe’s The Lighthouse Keeper has released on Cable, DVD, and Video on Demand. The Horror film The cast stars


The LightHouse was Edgar Allan Poe’s last work before he passed away in 1849. The tale is a series of diary entries with the setting on an island off the coast of Norway. Sadly the work was never finished before Poe’s passing.

Director Benjamin Cooper directs The Lighthouse Keeper. The films is a modern adaptation of Poe’s original story. The movie trailers are dark and intense. Which is very suitable considering that Poe’s work has a reputation for being that riveting.

Matt O’Neil stars as J.P. a man who encounters a disastrous storm while out at sea. It whisks him away to an unknown island, where he falls unconscious.

When he regains consciousness, he meets Walsh (portrayed by Vernon Wells). He is a lighthouse keeper, a strange character that appears to be hiding a mysterious secret.

He warns J.P. that they’re stranded on the island and there is no way off. What’s more, there are three rules to abide by:

• Stay away from the caves

• Don’t open the door

• Always keep a light burning.

What happens when the light goes out? There are vile creatures that come out at night. They look like disfigured people or walking corpses. They look like figures you see in nightmares.

J.P. meets Nora (portrayed by Nora Riley), and the two instantly gain romantic chemistry. However, something’s not right, and Nora could possibly be hiding dark secrets as well.

Update April 10th 2017 Press Release Excerpt

Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey licensed Edgar Allan Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper to screen on the cable/satellite channel. The movie is also available on DVD courtesy of ITN, eOne and Sony Home Entertainment through online outlets like, available to rent at brick and mortar chain Family Video, and available on demand or for purchase from Comcast, Verizon, Direct TV, Dish, and Frontier. Digital platforms such as Amazon Video Direct go live later this month.

“I was a film student when Rodriguez’s El Mariachi came out and blew everybody away. It was an inspiration to all of us trying to figure out how to make features. I’m honored that Lighthouse Keeper will now screen on his network.”

Benjamin Cooper, Director Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper

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