Live or Die in La Honda Trailer Showcases Hardships


Live or Die in La Honda Crime Noir Not To Miss!

Live or Die in La Honda Film Details Jeff Hammer Live or Die in La Honda

Director: Jeff Hammer

Writer: Jeff Hammer

Release date: 13th March 2018

Release format: Digital platforms

MPAA Rating: Not rated

Genre: crime

Social Media: Website


Live or Die in La Honda tells the story of Blake Baker, a Marine who has adjusted to civilian life when he receives a phone call from Victoria “Vic” Taylor, a past lover and fellow Marine who served with him. Vic asks Blake to come to the town of La Honda, California to help find her missing brother. Once in La Honda, Blake discovers that Vic’s brother ran afoul with a Mexican cartel. Blake confronts Vic about his discovery, and she confesses her real motive. She wants someone to help her exact retribution, and Blake is forced to decide how much he’s willing to risk for the love of his life


Live or Die in La Honda, a new film noir crime drama from director, producer, and writer Jeff Hammer, will be available to rent and own on digital HD across U.S. cable, internet, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on March 13, 2018.

Written, directed, and produced by Jeff Hammer, Live or Die in La Honda features an  including Blake Shields (‘Sleeper Cell’, ‘Carnivàle’, ‘Heroes’), Lili Bordán (‘The Martian, ‘Westworld’, ‘Book Club’), Bernard Curry (‘Wentworth Prison’ and ‘Blindspot’), Mercy Malick (‘Mission Control’), and David Fine (‘American Folk’ and ‘Sorry to Bother You’) Jeff Hammer Live or Die in La Honda


Raw, tantalizing and just plain erratic, the trailer for Live or Die in La Honda showcases the hardships of a powerful love and the madness it conjures up inside when put to the test. Acclaimed to be ‘moody’ and ‘mysterious’ Live or Die in La Honda has definitely peeked the attention of this reviewer! In this crime noir indie flick, you won’t want to miss out! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more updates about the release of Live or Die in La Honda



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