Los Angeles Overnight, Sketchy Characters Showcased In Exclusive Clip


Los Angeles Overnight, Surreal Crime Drama Debuts in LA

Los Angeles Overnight Film Details  DecayMag.com Director: Michael Chrisoulakis Writer: Guy J. Jackson Los Angeles Overnight

Director: Michael Chrisoulakis

Writer: Guy J. Jackson

Release Date:

March 9th, 2018 // March 20th, 2018

Release Format:

Limited national, cinema release // VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre:  Thriller

Running Time: 1h 33min

Social Networking: Facebook


A struggling actress inherits a bevy of colorful villains after desperation (with a touch of femme fatale) drives her and her gullible boyfriend to steal big from the Los Angeles underworld.


Los Angeles Overnight sets expression and characters against a backdrop that depicts everyday struggles. From the trailer evidence of desperation, greed, and revenge fuels actions and from the context of the narrative, there are poor choices exhibited.

One distinguishing part of the clip is the monotone voice over. This along with the scene suggesting a woman going through a hypnosis session prompts a theory. Perhaps the developments in the narrative are a performance of the subconscious. Perhaps the unusual personalities are nothing but products of imagination.DecayMag.com Director: Michael Chrisoulakis Writer: Guy J. Jackson Los Angeles Overnight

Michael Chrisoulakis paints a visual construct that mimics a surreal yet lively presentation. The color tones, music, and atmosphere give the film a unique viewpoint on the evolving drama. There was an odd incursion of dark humor entwined with solemnity.

Los Angeles Overnight features the following talents;

Los Angeles Overnight premiers March 9th, 2018 at Arena Cinelounge 6464 Sunset Blvd. Loa Angeles, California. This is a red carpet event with festivities beginning at 7:15 PM PST
and the screening begins at 8:15 PM PST.  Actor Peter Bogdanovich and Actress Lin Shaye are scheduled to make a guest appearance.

First Impressions

Incorporated as part of this article is an exclusive clip from Los Angeles Overnight. in the scene two police officers sit nonchalantly in their cruiser eating unhealthy greasy substances from a local eatery. Their responses and revulsion raise suspicion. When the public needs protection, its doubtful these are the individuals to call. Actress Maria Olsen portrays Officer Sykes with authority or an inadequacy thereof, the latter is a calculated trait to her role.

Olsen exemplifies the influences of whimsical seriousness Los Angeles Overnight offers. It is uncertain how this clip relates to the sequence of events and that increases my interest to view this film.

DecayMag.com Director: Michael Chrisoulakis Writer: Guy J. Jackson Los Angeles Overnight


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