Lycanimator, Creature Feature Pays Homage To Campy Horror

Lycanimator Film Details Sébastien Godin Dustin Hubbard  Lycanimator

Director Sébastien Godin


Sébastien Godin

Dustin Hubbard 

Release date: post-production

Release format: TBA

MPAA Rating: not rated

Genre: Horror

Social networking: Facebook

Running time: TBA


“Lycanimator” is a gnarly new creature feature in the tradition of classic late 80’s and early 90’s splatter flicks.” The story follows a group of friends who go to an abandoned house for a weekend away only to come across a mad scientist with some monster-making goo. When some of that goo trns one of the group into a hungry, lustful beast – well let’s just say it spells trouble. Sébastien Godin Dustin Hubbard  Lycanimator


New from Melting Man Films and C Productions, Sebastian Godin brings us Lycanimator, a film about yep you guessed it, a ‘Lycan.’ With the poster revealed and looking like something out of a 1960’s hippie’s acid trip, Lycanimator is set to be a fun, slimy journey into the mind of an experiment gone wrong!

With no official release date set thus far keep your eyes peeled on DecayMag for more info on the post-production flick.

Lycanimator stars Cayt Feinics, Joel D. Wynkoop, Briana Wyman and Kii Hornick. Horror author Jeff Strand will also be making an appearance. Sébastien Godin Dustin Hubbard  Lycanimator


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