Madre, Latino Driven Thriller Manifests March 2017


Madre, Latino Driven Supernatural Thriller In Film Festival, Aims March Release.

Madre Film Details Aaron BurnsMadre

Director: Aaron Burns

Writer: Aaron Burns

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Netflix (Video On Demand)

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Thriller

Running Time:


Diana Prieto is pregnant and taking care of her autistic son Martin has become overwhelming. She has no one to help her while her husband Tomas spends months working in Asia. Diana’s at her breaking point with Martin when Luz, a gifted caregiver from the Philippines, steps in to help. Martin quickly begins improving under Luz’s supervision, but Diana’s worried that he’s only being taught to speak Filipino. Diana begins to suspect that Luz is using the language barrier and voodoo to turn Martin against Diana and into something far more sinister…


Madre is the latest Thriller from Actor, Director, and Writer Aaron Burns. The film is circulating in film festival circuit and will release late 2017. Burns’ latest directorial release marks the first entry into the Horror, Thriller arena. In the field of production Burns has worked on the visual effects for notable genre films from 2007 to present. Aaron Burns Madre

Madre strikes a personal chord. Burn’s latest directorial release is a Latino-driven production. The film establishes a presence of the Latino community in forefront of Horror. Its pleasing to see Latinos shifting away from the stereotype cast roles. Placed as a supporting cast member also seems to be the norm. Over the years the presence of Latinos in Horror have emerged with a strong current. Madre is a supernatural Thriller that aims to maintain this push forward.

The film stars Chilean actresses Daniela Ramírez, Ignacia Allamand, and actor Cristobal Tapia Montt. Rounding out the cast are Matías Bassi, Elvira Cristi Nicolás Durán, and Aida Jabolin. The film is produced by Nicolás López and Miguel Asensio Llamas. Aaron Burns Madre


The world premier for Madre occurred on the 11th of March 2017. at SXSW. In the Austin, Texas? Be sure to check our Aaron Burn’s Latino-driven Thriller at the date and time listed below;

SXSW Screenings:

• Tuesday, March 14th at 1:30 PM | Alamo Lamar B – Public Screening
• Wednesday, March 15th at 9:00 PM | Alamo Lamar D – Public Screening
• Friday, March 17th at 9:00 PM | ZACH Theater – Public Screening Aaron Burns Madre

Trailer First Impressions

The trailer review for Madre is successful in presenting a very tense visual experience. Running in under a minute the clip provides enough information to keep interest. The Madre trailer gives the viewer a sense of anticipation. The promotional video does little work as eye candy. It neither tries to stimulate consumers into this product.

Not much dialogue are expressing in the duration of the trailer. In actuality, none needs to be. The onscreen footage suffices in presenting a glimpse into the story. The Madre trailer runs under one minute and provides intertwining scenes of tension.

From the trailer, its evident Director Aaron burns aim with atmospherics. There is a lot going on in this trailer. A stranger enters a home and Supernatural occurrences play on an unsuspecting family. The centerpiece of the film is a child with autism. This is a clever plot in blending mental condition with the supernatural. Aaron Burns Madre


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