Mission Fear, Horror Sci-Fi Teaser Reveal From Eli Roth


Mission: Fear: Eli Roth’s Teaser Trailer

Mission: Fear: Teaser Trailer Revealed

Title: Mission: Fear
Director: Eli Roth

Eli Roth posted an exciting teaser trailer on his Twitter account with the comment:

“I can’t keep this quiet any longer! Super secret no more. MISSION: FEAR is coming soon!”

Eli Roth

The teaser trailer for Mission: Fear is a 37-second mystery. The only hint and clue you have is space, which leads me to speculate it has something to do with time and space; perhaps outer space, as the teaser has a galaxy aura to it. The big question is; Could this be Eli Roth’s next film?

DecayMag.com Eli Roth Mission Fear

Eli Roth never fails to amaze and impress. He can be quite mysterious and secretive about his projects, and when they are revealed, the pitch is amazing, the story is amazing, and the films are amazing. From a master of Horror, who makes countless award-worthy films, I have no doubt that Mission: Fear will be just as good.

Roth has an intriguingly clever approach to his works. He mixes the elements of Horror, Suspense, and sometimes the Supernatural to create a grand scheme. He takes simple pitches and turn them into terrifying cinematic experiences.

DecayMag.com Eli Roth

Mission: Fear makes me think of time and space. Movies like Interstellar, Gravity, Pitch Black, where you are forced in a struggle of some kind in outer space, and you’re fighting for your life. The teaser trailer leaves a lot of mystery and is still somewhat secretive, so there’s no way to interpret what path it will take.

Due to it’s simplicity, and knowing Roth’s work, I think it would take a more naturalistic, psychological Suspense-Horror approach, as Roth sets a realistic and naturalistic tone to most of his films.

Roth makes the kind of films that can be relevant to real life. You can go camping and some kind of flesh-eating parasite makes you gravely ill. You can travel into unknown territory and become a sacrifice to village of people and their cultures and traditions.

Mission: Fear sounds like a psychological terror. Knowing Roth, the pitch can be very simple but still turn out terrifying. The battle could be a psychological battle. The loneliness, the darkness, and the drive to insanity. The battle could be yourself.

Mission: Fear is set to release in April 2017.


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