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Moggy Creatures, Scott Frazelle Create Kittie Killers

Moggy Creatures Film Scott Frazelle. Moggy Creatures

Director: Scott Frazelle

Writer: Scott Frazelle

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror


Michael and Anna are leftovers of the Hollywood dream; he was once a promising actor, she an aspiring photographer. They cling to their artistic dreams, but their bond has thinned over the years and a devastating loss.

Their new fixer-upper, far from the Hollywood Hills, offers some solace when they bring in a stray cat and it has kittens. Anna loves the new pets, finds a rewarding job, and turns back to Michael, who also finds a new opportunities.

But as the kittens grow at a shocking pace, they begin influencing Anna and testing Michael. Anna’s behavior becomes tortured and irrational, the now grown cats more intelligent, and Michael can no longer tell where reality lies-until one final growth spurt reveals what they are, and what he must do.

Trailer Summary

Michael and Anna lose their long time dreams and submit to starting their lives over from the ground up. They meet a stray cat and welcome it home. This provides Anna with joy and peace of mind.

The cat gives birth and now the couple has several cats, who are adorable at first but become strange.

The first step is the cat’s increasing growth rate. Second, their intelligent, mind-controlling abilities. Lastly, is their aggressive, violent behavior.

Michael is finding out too soon that something is definitely wrong. Anna is being manipulated and psychologically controlled by the cats. This, in turn, changes Anna to be aggressive and violent as well. Scott Frazelle. Moggy CreaturesOpinion

Moggy Creatures first trailer has debuted in time for this Halloween. The film will soon make its premiere release. Scott Frazelle wrote and directed this effects-driven horror.

It focuses on Michael and Anna, a couple struggling to cope with losing their dreams. They ease up to starting a new life.

The couple welcomes home a stray cat that soon has offspring. Things turn into a nightmare for Michael and Anna as the cats reveal what they actually are. These beings are intelligent, ferocious creatures.

Scott Frazelle’s Moggy Creatures looks to mix a Creature Feature with Supernatural. The breed of cat Michael and Anna find is the Sphynx Cat. This breed in itself is mysterious, so it definitely makes for an interesting theme in Horror cinema.

Likewise, there has not yet been a Horror film to feature this breed of cat as far as I can think of. Of all the Creature Feature films I’ve seen on SyFy, I have not yet seen this one. And, Moggy Creatures definitely looks like a SyFy film.

I have always had a fascination with the Sphynx Cat. I first saw it appear in Austin Powers as Dr. Evil’s pet cat. I thought it to be a fictional alien species until I did some research on it.

Despite their intimidating physical features, Sphynx cats are mischievous, but fun-loving cats.

However, in Scott Frazelle’s film, these beautiful cats are prime advocates for Horror cinema. They turn into terrifying, aggressive, manipulating, ferocious creatures. A cat that gets psychological intelligence as they grow to their prime size. Scott Frazelle. Moggy Creatures

This, of course, is a horrifying idea as you realize that we (humans) are not on the top of the food chain. When it comes to Creature Features in Horror cinema are we ever at the top of the food chain?

We, humans, are hunted by almost every kind of animal species. This includes every creature and abnormal species ever created in Horror and SyFy cinema.

And now, we have the Sphynx Cat to worry about. Sounds like an awesome idea to me, and I await the premiere release in 2017.

Accompanying  the film is Scott Frazelle’s book Moggy Creatures: A Short Story About Cats.  The book is available on Amazon Kindle.

To learn more about Scott Frazelle and Moggy Creatures, visit:

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