Pitchfork Stills,Trailer, Details Reveal For Indie Slasher


Pitchfork Slasher Film Introduces New Horror Icon

Pitchfork Film Details

Director: Glenn Douglas Packard DecayMag.com Glenn Douglas Packard Pitchfork


Darryl F. Gariglio ….writer
Glenn Douglas Packard ….creator, writer

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Horror, Slasher


A group of friends return home with a friend to help him share a secret only to learn that sometimes older secrets are even more deadly.



Pitchfork, the feature film debut from Emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas is set to release later this year. The film is a production from Pioneer Motion Pictures. Pitchfork is a slasher film that aims to be a new franchise of horror. The slasher genre got a new breath of life in recent years. It would be interesting to see how Darryl F. Gariglio and Glenn Douglas Packard’s concept will perform in the slasher landscape. Emphasis on a terrifying killer is key. In Pitchfork, the antagonist is described as:

“….a broken and misshapen beast on a rampage fueled by secrets and betrayal.”

“….a new monster for the ages, joining the pantheon that has terrified audiences for decades as mutilated bodies pile up in their wake.”

A detailed summary along with the debut Teaser for Pitchfork released today. The overview reads as follows:

Having recently shared a life-changing secret with his family, Hunter recruits his friends to come with him from New York to the farm where he grew up as he faces his parents for the first time.

As the college students enjoy the fresh air of Michigan farm country, an older, more dangerous secret slowly emerges.

While Hunter navigates a new place within his conservative family, a vicious creature from their pas t descends on the farm, putting the unsuspecting city kids in mortal danger.

Pitchfork stars:

Daniel Wilkinson…. Ben Holister Jr. / Pitchfork
Brian Raetz….Hunter Killian
Lindsey Nicole…..Clare
Ryan Moore…. Matt

September 24th 2016 Update:

Home Entertainment and Theatrical Film Distributor Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired director Glenn Douglas Packard’s highly anticipated horror spectacle PITCHFORK.

Pitchfork is set to release early 2017


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