Primal Rage To Have Exclusive One Night Screening In Cinemas


Primal Rage, Bigfoot Tale to Stomp in Cinemas This February

Primal Rage Film Details Director: Patrick Magee Writer: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee Primal Rage

Original Title: Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah

Director: Patrick Magee

Writer: Jay LeePatrick Magee

Release Date: February 27, 2018

Release Format: Cinemas VOD

MPAA Rating: 

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1h 46min 

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A newly reunited young couple’s drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face nature, unsavory locals, and a monstrous creature, known to the Native Americans as Oh-Mah. Director: Patrick Magee Writer: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee Primal RageOverview


I have always found an appreciation for cryptozoological themed Horror films. These are visual works of fiction that have a basis on a yet unclassified class of an animal. On these beings, many reports have seized mainstream media attention. There continue to be longstanding debates among the scientific community on cryptozoology. From The reported accounts of The Loch Ness Monster to the Chupacabra these cryptids each account brings with it a mystique of question. What if these creatures exist in our world?

Horror filmmakers in recent years have translated these records on the cryptozoological field with various degrees of success. In most occasions, their visions draw focus on entertainment rather than an inform. It is always to see the many interpretations of creatures that should not exist in our realm of reality. Director: Patrick Magee Writer: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee Primal Rage

Jay Lee and Patrick Magee co-wrote a unique vision on the legend surrounding the elusive Sasquatch. This creature is by far one of the most popular cryptozoological entities. Lee and Magee also infused American Indian folklore with their vision of Horror, Primal Rage.  is not to be confused with the 1988 Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller or the video game released in 1994.

Primal Rage receives a nationwide One Night cinema release on the 27th of February 2018. The presentation also features behind the scenes footage and Q&A Director Patrick Magee and producer Angela Lee. Tickets for this event are available via the Fathom Events official website

“We are pleased to partner with Blue Fox Entertainment to bring ‘Primal Rage’ to big screens nationwide..”

“Fans of the horror genre are going to love this scary and suspenseful movie.”


Kymberli Frueh Fathom Events VP of Programming

Primal Rage will be shown in the following Areas in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania areas

• AMC Aviation 12 1200 South Stiles Street Linden NJ 07036

•  AMC Garden State 16 1 Garden State Plaza (Rt 4 & 17), Route 4 & 17 Paramus NJ 07652

•  Regal Kaufman Astoria 14 35-30 38th Street Astoria NY 11101

•  Regal Sheepshead Bay 14 3907 Shore Parkway Brooklyn NY 11235

•  Regal Court Street 12 106 Court Street Brooklyn NY 11201

•  Regal Farmingdale 10 20 Michael Avenue Farmingdale NY 11735

•  Regal Atlas Park 8 80-28 Cooper Avenue, Suite 6216 Glendale NY 11385

•  Regal New Roc City 18 Plus Imax 33 Le Count Place New Rochelle NY 10801

•  AMC Empire 25 234 W 42nd Street New York NY 10036-7202

•  Regal Union Square 14 850 Broadway New York NY 10003

•  AMC Bay Plaza 13 2210 Bartow Avenue The Bronx NY 10475-4618

•  Regal Westbury 12 7000 Brush Hollow Road Westbury NY 11590

•  AMC Center Valley 16 2805 Center Valley Parkway Center Valley PA 18034 Director: Patrick Magee Writer: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee Primal Rage

First Impressions

The trailer for Primal Rage succeeds in not exposing the antagonist of the narrative. Yet, the unlucky events concerning the protagonists is puzzling. The footage suggests that the Sasquatch may have other passions aside from Slim Jim beef jerky. The trailer alludes to a convincing explanation of the script. From my viewpoint, and many will agree, with this result, the creature looks to have an attractiveness to the female protagonist. If this is the case it presents an homage to King Kong in some context.

One noteworthy part of the film illustrated in Primal Rage has to be the field recording. Most of the film occurs against the backdrop of a dense forest. This presents many challenges varying from sound contamination to security. It should further remark that the scenery itself plays an essential position in the film. This natural expanse evolves as part of the nature-inspired sculpture. Primal Rage does not seem to follow tropes from creature feature films. Director: Patrick Magee Writer: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee Primal Rage




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