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Purgation, The: Trailer Review

Purgation, The: Film Details Purgation, The_poster

Director: Elaine Chu
Writer: Elaine Chu
Release Date: April 2, 2015
Release Format: Streaming, VOD
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Horror Sub-Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

The Purgation will be releasing on VOD in August. The Drama, Horror, Thriller released in April of 2015 and is written and directed by Elaine Chu. It stars Tiffany Kieu, Kat Johnston, Kate Dauphin, and Corey Fabyan.

Iris is a woman who struggles with constant flashbacks to a tragic accident from her youth. When she was a child, Iris had convinced her friends to enter an abandoned insane asylum in order to film a homemade horror movie.

One wrong turn in the asylum led to the children getting trapped inside for the entire night, scarring them for the rest of their lives. Now as adults, they are forced to confront their past in order to overcome the malevolent being that haunts their minds.

As Iris digs deeper into the asylum’s twisted history of botched lobotomies and torture chambers, she discovers that in order for her to move on, she must go back to the asylum, and into the depths of hell.

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The Purgation trailer starts off subtle and suspenseful, then abruptly turns dark and intense. As kids, they take a pleasure trip to an abandoned insane asylum that turns into a night of survival. As adults, the terrifying memories still haunt them.

The Purgation is filled with darkness, madness, insanity, and evil entities. Seems like the adults are stuck in between the realms of reality, imagination, and insanity. Their memories and imaginations play dangerous tricks on them.

Hidden within the walls of the abandoned asylum in The Purgation is like the stories of many abandoned buildings with dark pasts: mystery, secrets, and depravity. An evil nurse that wrecked havoc within the asylum. The film taps into the dark world of the supernatural.

The Purgation releases on VOD on August 16, 2016.

DecayMag.com Elaine Chu Purgation, The



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