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Quacky Slasher, The. Ruffles Feathers with Trailer

Quacky Slasher, The: Film Details DecayMag.com. Peter McKeirnon. The Quacky Slasher

Director: Peter McKeirnon

Writer: Peter McKeirnon

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: TBA

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time:


Scarred by events from his childhood, Michael Quackers has spent 20 years in a psychiatric ward. Until now…

Returning home to fight the criminal underbelly of his town, Michael must become the one thing that scares him most if he is to succeed. He must become… A duck.

DecayMag.com Director: Peter McKeirnon The Quacky Slasher


The Quacky Slasher is in the early stages of production. The cast stars

Neil Gallagher
Michael Hagen
Jackie Mercer
Jayne Kinsella
Andy Coffey
Ian Finney
Bethany Davies
Andrew Butterworth

First Impressions


A serial killer, known as The Quacky Slasher is murdering the residents of a quiet town. The trailer looks like it has a great deal of comedy. The practical and special effects look B-movie quality. There’s a scene where the slasher cuts off a victim’s head and it’s obvious the head is fake.

The blue jumpsuit reminds me of Michael Myers from Halloween. Not to mention the synopsis calling has an antagonist named Michael Quackers, a man scarred by his childhood and rested in a psych ward. When you think about it, this sounds like Halloween. It could be a spinoff. I hope it’s not a ripoff. Quack, quack.

DecayMag.com Director: Peter McKeirnon The Quacky Slasher

In Conclusion

Earlier this year, McKeirnon introduced The Quacky Slasher. The project had a crowdfunding campaign that failed to meet its target goal. The bright news that the project is still greenlit and we could still see a 2017 release. A teaser trailer released as part of the fundraiser campaign. The approach made the viewer want to learn more about the film. This is a fresh concept and has Horror, comedy entertainment value.


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