Revenge of the Devil Bat, Modern Creature Feature Homage To Classics


Revenge of the Devil Bat Interesting Concept, Stunning Visuals

Revenge of the Devil Bat Film Details, Ted Moehring, Revenge of the Devil Bat

Director: Ted Moehring

Writer: Ted Moehring

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA


“Revenge of the Devil Bat” is a modern day sequel to the popular 1940’s Bela Lugosi movie “The Devil Bat”.



Revenge of the Devil Bat strikes potential with an interesting concept and strong visuals. Not much information reported about the film aside from a trailer and the cast as the film is in production. Stay tuned for updates.

The Cast

First Impressions

Revenge of the Devil Bat centers on a diabolical man who revives a giant dead bat to enact his revenge and wreak havoc on the residents of a town. The first focus point when the trailer starts is the strong visuals. Showing in black and white, which is an interesting choice of cinematography. Black and White and Arthouse films is a cinematic art that is making a comeback in modern day films. There have been some stunning productions as of late. Moehring’s production looks like it joins these films.

The cast performances are the next focus point, which is parallel to the 1940s when Jean Yarbrough‘s The Devil Bat (1940) released. Over dramatizations bring about the comedic undertones in such productions. Blending in the blandness with a touch of comedy. The background score also parallels to composition selections in this decade. Big theatrical sounds and orchestra sounds. Even the poster art resembles the original film starring Bela Lugosi., Ted Moehring, Revenge of the Devil Bat

In Conclusion

Revenge of the Devil Bat is the modern day sequel to the 1940s The Devil Bat. The trailer spotlights a strong concept, stunning visuals, and comical performances as it mimics this decade in Horror.


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